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Create and Edit Additional Option category

What is Additional Option?

Additional option is an extra selection only showing up on personalization form, and does not add any layer to the artwork design.

You can use Additional option to:

Add a question to the form without adding any image to artwork

Add an extra level of options

For example: You want your customers to choose Hair color before Hairstyle. So you can use an additional option to choose hair color first, then the hairstyle option will show up based on the color selected.

View detailed instruction for this case here.

Additional option won't be rendered in order design since it's only an extra selection displaying on form and has no layer in artwork.

Create an Additional Option category

Go to AssetsAdditional Option ➡ Click on the button New Category

Enter the name for option category, then click + Create button

Start creating new option by entering name of the first option in Item name ➡ click +Add new to confirm and save this new option

Create all options in this category. Drag and drop to re-order the options.

Additional option supports only one level of category.

Display methods of additional option

There are 3 ways to display additional options on personalization form:

1. Thumbnail images

Click on "Change thumbnail" to upload a thumbnail for an option.

Then options will be shown according to the uploaded thumbnail image.

Option displayed as Thumbnails

If you set a color for an option, all thumbnail images will be replaced as color swatches.

Option displayed as Color Swatches

2. Dropdown Option Name

Option will be shown as a dropdown list according to name on storefront.

Option displayed as Dropdown list on storefront

You can modify the placeholder text of dropdown to instruct your customer better:

3. Inline Radio Button

By default, option will be shown as button in rectangle shape according to name on storefront.

Option displayed as Radio button on storefront

Add additional option in Artwork

Read more about adding additional options in artwork at: Add Additional option in artwork

Or kindly watch this tutorial video:

Updated on: 15/07/2022

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