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Create multi-level selection for layer using Additional options

In this article, we will instruct you to use Additional option feature to create multi-level selection for layer.

(Hair selection will be used as an example in this instruction)

Normally, when you set up hair, you can only have a group of clipart categories with 1 dropdown and 1 level of hairstyle categories as options. In some cases, if you have too many hairstyles with different colors, you would need to separate Hair to color first, then from color continue dividing to hairstyles.

So to show the selection of hair color before the hairstyles, we're going to use Additional option to create multi-level selection for Hair.

Step 1: Create option category

Because we need a pre-option of Hair Color, so we're going to create an additional option of Hair Color.

Go to Assets ➡ "Additional Options" page ➡ create a new category and name as "Hair Color"
Add options in category.
(Learn more about Creating and Editing option category)

Let's add 3 options "Black", "Blond", and "Red":

Step 2: Set up clipart categories

Go to "Clipart Categories" page ➡ create a new category named as "Hair - by color"
In "Hair - by color" category, create 3 sub-categories subsequent as: "Black", "Blond" and "Red"

In each sub-category of hair color, create another level of sub-categories for hairstyles, such as "Bun", "Shoulder length", "Long length".

Then, upload cliparts for each hairstyle sub-category:

Step 3: Set up multi-level selection for layer in artwork editor

3.1: Add additional option in artwork

Go to Artworks page, create new artwork or edit an existent artwork
In artwork editor, Add additional option in Artwork as "Hair color" ➡ Edit layer ➡ Select option category "Hair Color" for this layer:

You can add title for option as "Girl Haircolor" to display this title field on storefront

Mark layer as required to avoid customer to mis-select this option:

Choose default value for your additional option. In this example, we will show red hair color as default so we choose "Red" as default value:

3.2: Add condition for Hair layer to create multi-level selection

To understand about this method, we recommend you to read " Add Condition for Layer " article

Upload a hair layer and name it after the color of hair. For example: "Hair - Black":

Resize and move the hair to correct position. Add personalization settings for it, in this example we will choose personalization of "1 Group of clipart categories" to create muti-level selection. So, choose the parent category "Black". (You can also choose personalization of "1 Clipart category" as well if your hairstyles are grouped in one category only)

Reposition cliparts and add extra information like Mark as required, Title and Placeholder. (Learn more about Personalization settings)

Now, open Advanced Options ➡ in "Add a condition" field, select layer "Hair color" then choose option "Black"

Upload 2 same hairstyles, but with different color in blond and red. Resize and move it to the same position as black hair. Repeat the above steps for setup.

For Blond hair layer:

For Red hair layer:

Add condition for the 2 hair "Blond" and "Red" to layer "Hair color" as well. Choose the corresponding color option for the 2 hair layers.

For Blond hair layer:

For Red hair layer:

Now, choose a hairstyle that you want to display as default on storefront. Since your hairstyles are added condition, so you need to enable "Show option as default" for a hairstyle. Or else, hair won't show on storefront.

Enable this option for ONLY 1 hairstyle, or else other hairstyles will also be shown on storefront.

In this example, we will show red hairstyle as default on storefront:

Click Save and done.

Step 4: Check result on storefront

Create and launch campaign (Read more about Creating campaign)

Remember to check the field order before launching campaign.

View product page, click on some options to see muli-level of hair selection:

After selecting hair color option, layer Blond and group of Blond hair cliparts are showed

Select a hairstyle category, cliparts are showed

You can use this method with other cases of setup multi-level selection as well. E.g. set up skin layer and body, choose a pet (dog or cat) in template, number of people in template, pet baby (puppy or kitty), etc.

If you need further help with this kind of setup, feel free to direct us via live chat in portal.

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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