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[Product Option 2.0 app] Add-on price on options

Our app add charge/price to option using the add-on product feature.

It allows you to link an option value with an existing variant and its price to create additional charge when the option value is selected. The selected variant will be added the cart along with the main product to increase total cost. To see how it works in action, please visit our demo product. Password (if needed): 123

How to add price/charge to options:

Step 1: Add an option to option set

Step 2: Enable the Add-on price checkbox

You will see a tag button in each option value

Step 3: Select product variant with price value

Click on the tag button next to value name

Select a product and its variant with the price that you would like to apply for this option value.

After selecting some add-on variants, you will see the add-on price on each option value

Step 4: Save option set and check on your storefront

Please note that the add-on product should be active at your Sale Channel and it should have at least 1 image in order to make it works properly on your store

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How add-on products display in cart page, checkout page and order detail page?

The selected add-on variant that linked with an option will be added the cart along with the main product to increase total cost.

For example: Image you're selling golf cap and you would like to offer extra products that related to golf such as umbrella or golf tees

Each option value here will be linked with a product variant and its price. You will see the total add-on price if any option value that has add-on variant is selected.

1. On cart page

The add-on items that linked with selected options will be added to cart along with the main product

2. On checkout page

3. On order detail page

After customers completed their order, the add-on items will appear in the order detail page.

Under the main item, you will see there is a note started with _addOnVariant: - this is the mark from our app which informs that there could be some add-on items is purchased along with the main items.

Other related settings

You can find other feature for customizing the Add-on Price section at Settings page:

Edit add-on price warning message

Show add-on price on options

Add add-on price to product price

Hopefully this article has helped you to understand how the add-on price feature works. Things change all the time, so if you run into issues please don't hesitate to share them with us at or use the in-app live chat. We're happy to lend a hand 🤩

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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