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[Product Option 2.0 app] Add price/charge to options

This article is for Teeinblue Product Options app, not Teeinblue POD Product Personalizer.

How to add price/charge to options:

Step 1: Add an option to option set

Step 2: Enable the Additional charge checkbox

You will see a tag button in each option value

Step 3: Select product variant with price value

Click on the tag button next to value name

Select a product and its variant with the price that you would like to apply for this option value

The add-on products feature allows you to link an option value with an existing variant and its price to create additional charge when the option value is selected. The selected variant will be added the cart along with the main product to increase total cost.

For example: Image you're selling custom watch and you would like to offer extra products that related to the watch such as Cleaner Kit or Watch Box

Each option value here will be linked with a product variant and its price

The selected variants will be added to cart along with the watch

Other settings

You can find other feature for customizing the additional charge at Settings page:

Edit additional charges warning message

Show additional charge values on options

Updated on: 21/04/2023

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