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[Product Options 1.0 app] Add additional charges/price add-ons for options

This article is for Teeinblue Product Options app, not Teeinblue POD Product Personalizer.

Types of additional charges

In each field settings, you will see the Additional Charges section (except for Static image) where you can choose to create chargeable fields on your Shopify products:

For a better understanding on how the additional charge works, pease follow our instructions below:

Step 1: In each field settings, scroll down to find the Additional charge section

Step 2: Change additional charge option

No - no additional charge (default for all field)

Flat rate - will charge a fixed amount (available for all field types)

Price per letter - will charge for each letter added to the Text/Paragraph fields

Step 3: Add additional charge value as your wish

Special Cases

1. Enable charge value for each asset option in a selection field

Read more on how to Prepare Assets group here

You can create new options with charge value inside product editor or go to the asset pages (Images, Fonts, Colors, Choices) to create category of asset options:

In order to make the option's additional charge value works, the products must have the "Additional charges" set as "Flat rate"

We will follow this formula to calculate the total charge price:

The total charge price = Flat rate value + Selected option charge value

2. Enable charge value for font and color category selection in Text/Paragraph fields

In this case, we will follow these formulas to calculate the total charge price:

If the "Additional charges" set as Flat rate: Total charge price = Flat rate value + Color option charge value + Font option charge value

If the "Additional charges" set as Price per letter: Total charge price = (Number of letters x Per letter value) + Color option charge value + Font option charge value

3. Add additional charge to the main product price

Go to Settings page -> Additional Charges section and enable the Add additional charge to product price toggle -> Click Save

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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