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[Product Options 2.0 app] Hide Add-on products from SEO, Shopify search and Recommendations

This article is for Teeinblue Product Options app, not Teeinblue POD Product Personalizer.

As you know, our app provides an add-on product feature to create option charge and increase the main product price when choosing a specific option value – of course – these add-on products are not for sale. In this article, we will help you to hide these add-on items from SEO and Recommendations

There have three main steps to achieve that:

Step 1: Create a custom definition
Step 2: Add metafield to add-on product
Step 3: Add custom code

Step 1: Create a custom definition

From your shop’s admin screen, click Settings at the bottom left of the main menu. Click Custom Data > Products

Click Add Definition.

Name the definition ‘Hide from Search’ (or a similar name of your choice).

Under Namespace and key, enter: seo.hidden

Click Select type and choose Integer and One value.

In the Access option, select Storefronts.

Your screen should look like the below:

Step 2: Add metafield to add-on product

Once you’ve added the meta field, a new panel will show up at the very bottom of the product edit screen. Click the metafield and change it to a 1, then Save your product.

All done, your product will no longer show up when someone searches for it in your shop’s search bar, and search results

Optional: Bulk add metafield to add-on products

If you have more than a handful of products, having to go into each one and set its metadata manually will quickly become tedious. Thankfully, Shopify has a ‘Bulk Editor’, which allows you to quickly edit product data for all of your products on one screen.

Select product from you Products page -> open Bulk edit

Or just navigate to the following URL, being sure to replace SHOPNAME with the relevant name used to access your shop’s admin section.

If you don’t know what to replace SHOPNAME with, then log into your shop admin section and take a look at the URL in your address bar. You should see that it begins with – you’ll just need to take the value of SHOPNAME and change it in the URL above.

You should see all of your products in a list, alongside the value for their ‘Hide from Search’ field, which will be blank by default.

Just click into the field and change the value to 1. Do this for all products that you want to hide from search, hit the Save button at the top of the window, and those products will disappear from your site search.

Then click Save to finish.

If you only want to hide the add-on product from SEO, Shopify predictive search and search result page, you can stop here. In case you also want to hide the add-on from Product recommendations, please continue to step 3 below.

Step 3: Add custom code to hide add-on products from recommendations

As far as removing the add-on product from search, we will use the seo.hidden metafield we created from the previous steps.

Go to your Online Store > Themes > From your current theme, choose Edit code.

Find the product-recommendations.liquid and paste these following code :

{% unless recommendation.tags contains "_hidden" %}
 {% endunless %}

After you paste, the code should look like this:

The theme we show in the screenshot here is from the Dawn 2.0 theme, so if you're using another theme and could not find the exact place to paste the code, please feel free to contact to our support team, we will have a closer check on it.

Finally, click Save.

Hopefully this article has helped you hide products from Shopify Search and Recommendations. Things change all the time, so if you run into issues please don't hesitate to share them with us at or use the in-app live chat. We're happy to lend a hand 🤩

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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