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How to join teeinblue affiliate program?

What is teeinblue affiliate program?

teeinblue affiliate program is belonged to teeinblue - a trusted Shopify Partner specializing in POD personalized app. Created to partner and to emphasize a community of many Shopify developers, merchants, etc. who take time to share our app.

Our Affiliate Program includes one product and attached services. Once signing up, you will receive an unique referral link to share with your audience. When a user upgrades our app through your referral tracking, you'll earn commissions; this amount depends on your Affiliate Level. So, the more users you referred upgrading to paid plan, the more your commissions will increase.

Affliate Level and Commission Share

Level 1

Required Number of Upgrades: 3
First Month Rate: 30%
Recurring Month Rate (From 2nd Month): 10%

Level 2

Required Number of Upgrades: 10
First Month Rate: 40%
Recurring Month Rate (From 2nd Month): 20%

Level 3

Required Number of Upgrades: 20
First Month Rate: 50%
Recurring Month Rate (From 2nd Month): 30%

Who can join teeinblue affiliate?

Our program is designed to be suitable for Shopify Experts, Shopify Agencies, Stores' Technical Advisors, Shopify App Developers, Freelance Developers, Ecommerce/Shopify influencers, … and everyone who is interested in E-commerce, sofware development and making passive income.

How to join our program?

You can sign up directly via our platform:

Your reference ID is an unique ID that you will create by yourself. It will be attached at the end of your referral link later to track your affiliate results.

After verifying your email, you will be directed to information page to add basic information such as name, company, address, job, etc. and preferred payment method.

After checking out all your information, we will send you a result email to announce whether your sign-up is approved or disapproved. When recommending our applications, remember to use referring link so your referrals can be counted.

If you’re interested in exchanging marketing activities, implementing app integration, other cooperating activities, we can also arrange to discuss further. Just leave a message via and we will reach you soon.

Updated on: 03/08/2022

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