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Enable the Application in your Theme

After you install the Teeinblue Product Personalizer application or whenever you change your published theme, you will have to enable it from your Theme in order for it to run.
To make sure Teeinblue Product Personalizer work on your theme, please follow the steps below.

Steps to enable the Application on your Theme

Navigate to your Themes > Customize

Navigating to your Theme > Customize

Click on App embeds section

Find Teeinblue Product Personalizer

Click the Toggle to enable the Application

By default, the toggle switch will be OFF. You will have to manually toggle it ON.

Turn ON the toggle to enable app. After that, reload your Product Page, you should see the application running now.

After turning the Application ON, please be sure to click Save!

Alternatively, you can also enable the Teeinblue Product Personalizer inside your Portal.

Enabling the Application inside your Portal

If you click the Activate app button, you will be taken to the same Theme section as the steps above to enable the Application.


Depending on the Theme you are using, sometimes, even if you have already enabled the Application, it might not run. In these case, please contact our Support Team so we can help you with it!
When updating or changing to another Theme, you will need to do all the steps above to enable the application again.

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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