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What is teeinblue? - An overview

What teeinblue does

teeinblue is an all-in-one app for any stores selling print-on-demand product, or personalized print-on-demand product.

teeinblue will handle the complete process from:
Prepare Cliparts
Create Design (artwork)
Import product data from Fulfillment providers (product base)
Add your design to product base and launch to your store
Manage orders and send orders to Fulfillment

Generally, you can use the app to create a design → add to a POD product → add your design to it, then publish to your store for selling.

Basic workflow of teeinblue

Additionally, teeinblue can help you turn a normal design into a personalizable product so your customers can customize any part of your design.

The customized design will be attached in customer's order and then you can send it to fulfillment.


First, let's look through some terms used in apps:
Clipart category: A collection of image to replace a detail in your design. Your customers can pick an image from it to personalize your design on live store. (eg. a collection of different dog breeds, including: husky, golden retriever, bull,...)
Additional options: A collection of extra options to create multi level of selection. (Use for skin color, hair color, number of pets,...)
Artwork: Your design file. It can be consist of many layers, each can contain a personalization option.
Product base: A print-on-demand (POD) product provided by Fulfillment services.
Print-area: The area on a product base where your artwork will be printed. Printarea specifications need to match with Fulfillment provider's guidelines.
Mockup: Preview of how your artwork will look on a product base. Mockup is only used for demo purpose, it doesn't affect how artwork will be printed.
Campaign: A product base containing artworks that can be published on live store for personalizing and selling. Each campaign will be turned to a Shopify product after launched.

Basic Steps

Upload Clipart Category:
Upload and organize your cliparts into categories to use for personalization later.

Upload & Personalize Artwork:
Upload your design files in Artwork editor and select which element to be personalized with which clipart category.

Import POD Product:
Import print-on-demand product data from your Fulfillment services on Product Base page.
Set up your base price, variants, mock-ups, print-area…

Create Campaign:
Create a campaign by adding an artwork to a product base. Then publish it to store so customers can personalize and make orders.

Manage Orders:
Track all orders created from app. Download the customer’s personalized design or send it to your fulfillment service.

You can also watch our full detailed tutorial video:

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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