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Send Orders to Fulfillment Providers

Only work for Campaign by Product Base

You can click here to learn more about the differences between API-integrated Providers and CSV-integrated Providers.

After you have orders, it's time to send orders to fulfillment.

For API-integrated Fulfillment providers

You can send orders directly from teeinblue to these providers:

To do that, you need to connect your Fulfillment account with teeinblue and make sure the product base has correct Fulfillment info.

1. Connect with Fulfillment account

First, copy the API key of your Fulfillment account in Provider page.
Usually you can access to your account in Provider page and find the API key in the Settings or Accounts page.
Check how to find your API key here: How to find API key of integrated Fulfillment providers.

Example: in Dreamship

Go to Fulfillment Providers page in teeinblue. Click Connect on the provider you want to connect.

Selecting a Fulfillment Provider to connect

Paste your API key to the "API key" field

Click "Save" then done. Your account is now connected successfully.

2. Check Fulfillment info of Product base

To avoid sending orders unsuccessfully, please make sure to double check this information:
Fulfillment provider name and Catalog ID in Product Base ➡ To identify correct provider and product to print.

SKU of variants ➡ To identify correct variant to print.

Printarea Key and Printarea Size ➡ To print in correct side and size.

It's recommended to import product base from the integrated providers (not create manually) so all the info is correct.

3. Confirm and Send

Orders will NOT be automatically sent. You need to double check order details and click to send each one out.

After finishing 2 steps above, you can go to:
Orders page.
◾ Click the Confirm & send to fulfill button (Paper airplane icon).

◾ Check the information in popup and click Send to [Provider] button.

Or you can click the "Confirm & Send to fulfill" button in Order details.

◾ If the order is sent successfully, there will be a blue notification on top right corner, and the button will be changed to "Sent".

Or Fulfill your order page using bulk fulfill.
Read this article to learn more: Bulk Fulfill your Order.

For non-integrated Fulfillment providers

If your Fulfillment provider is not integrated with teeinblue yet, there are 2 ways to send orders:

1. Download order design and submit to your fulfillment account

Download order design of each order in application.

Go to your fulfillment account in provider page, create order manually.
◾ Fill in order details (product type, variants, customer's shipping address...).
◾ Upload order design.

Submit order.

You can install provider's Shopify app (if available) to your Shopify store. It will help to sync order details from Shopify Orders to your fulfillment account, including product, shipping address....
However, you still need to upload order design manually to each order (because design belongs to teeinblue app, provider app cannot get it).

2. Export csv file and import to your fulfillment account

If your provider supports importing orders via csv, you can Export orders on teeinblue to csv. Read more instruction here: Export order to CSV.

3. Get order information and design via Shopify Order API

Currently, Teeinblue doesn't have API to public but we save these information in Shopify Order note. In case users want to get information and the design of order to fulfill by your own system, they can get it in Additional Details (Note attribute), like this:

it may take about 5-10 mins to get the link generated in the note attribute.

Updated on: 28/05/2024

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