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There are cases when you will find that the Order Design is not rendered inside your Order Page.

Order design is not rendered

There might be a lot of reasons for this issue. In this article, we will guide you through each case and how to resolve it.

Most of the time, the Show Activity logs button will show you exactly the reason why the order is not rendered. Be sure to make use of that.

Making use of the Show Activity logs button

Continue reading to find each case and how to resolve it below.

CASE 1. No query results for model [App\ArtworkVersion]

Reason: Outdated Artwork version. This can potentially happen when you update the Artwork on an on-going Campaign, and the order was created with an outdated artwork version.

Solution: Update the Artwork version.

Update the Artwork version

CASE 2. Line item cannot generate design File not found at path: .../fonts/...

Reason: The Custom Font you are using have been deleted.

Solution: Go into Artwork Editor, select another Font for the Custom Text fields. Save the Artwork, then go back to the Order and click the Re-generate button.
If you uploaded an OTF font, you might see a similar message as well. The application does not support OTF font yet. In this case, please follow the solution as provided above.

CASE 3. Line item cannot generate -- find not found at path: .../cliparts/...

Reason: The particular Clipart the Customer chose had been deleted.

Solution: You cannot render it on your own. Please contact us to help. However, be sure to update Campaign every time you make any changes.

CASE 4. Order design cannot be generated because no artwork found for the selected printarea

REASON 1 - No Artwork selected for the Printarea.

Solution: Add the Artwork into the Printarea, then update the Campaign again. After that, go into your Shopify Admin > Order > enter something into the Note section. After a few minutes, the Order will be synced again into the application.

REASON 2. - You have added a new Printarea, or change into a totally new Product Base.

Solution: Please contact us to help. We will try to manually map the info again. Always be sure to update Campaign after you made changes to it.

CASE 5. Order doesn't have design & Customization_id is empty

Reason: There might be a conflict between the application and your Theme which makes the customization data is not recorded.

Solution: Please contact us to help. We will treat this as a high-priority case.

CASE 6. Line item cannot generate design unable to extend cache '': File too large @ error/cache.c/OpenPixelCache/3900

Reason: Artwork Layers is way too large, overlapping its actual size.

Solution: Double-check your layers inside Artwork Editor.

CASE 7. App\Jobs\GenerateOrderItemArtwork has been attempted too many times or run too long. The job may have previously timed out.

Reason: The order might accidentally stuck on our queue system.

Solution: Please contact us to help. We will render it again for you.
Please note that our rendering system only support rendering file below 12000 x 12000 px

If your case is not listed in here, please contact us at: for assistance.
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