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List of Orders

Go to Orders page and you can find the Orders list.

In this list, you can search by order ID, filter by store (if you have multiple stores with the same teeinblue account) or sort by date.

You can select some orders to export to CSV. The Export button is disabled until you select at least one order to export.
Read this article to learn more: Export order to CSV.

In the table, you can find some general info of each order:

Order: the order ID in teeinblue data.
TIB ID: ID of Teeinblue for data management purpose.
Domain: the Shopify domain which the order belongs to. Use when you have multiple domains in one teeinblue account.
Store ID: the order ID in Shopify. Click to open order details in Shopify.
Date: order created date.
Customer: First and Last name of customer
Total: total price of order
Payment: payment status, sync from Shopify
Fulfillment: order status sync from Shopify.
Payment status (Pending, Paid) and Fulfillment status (Fulfilled) needs to be update in Shopify.

Confirm & Send to fulfill (paper airplane icon): Directly send order to fulfillment provider. Works for integrated fulfillment.
Read: Send orders to Fulfillment providers.
View details (eye icon): see details of an order. Read: Order Details

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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