If your provider supports importing orders via csv, you can Export orders on teeinblue to csv, then import to provider page to fulfill.

Export single order
You can go to Order details, click on Export button to export an order to .CSV file.

Export multiple orders
You can go to Orders page, select some orders then click on Export button.

You can only select and export orders in one page at a time.

CSV Template
When clicking on Export button, you can choose your provider's name to download csv in the template matching your provider's requirement. Within teeinblue, we have prepared templates for 5 providers.

For most providers, you just need to download and import the file directly to provider account, no need to edit the CSV file. For Printify, there are many providers available to choose so you will need to input the ID of your provider to the CSV template.

If your provider is not in the list, you can download "General" template. You need to check the csv sample of your provider, then manually edit the exported CSV to match with the sample.

In general CSV file, each order item will be written in a row. Columns will include:
Order number
Store number ID
Order item information (item ID, Quantity, SKU, Color, Size, Price)
Customer information (Name, Company, Phone number, Email)
Shipping information (Name, Addresses, City, ZIP code, Province, Country)
Order note
Order design URL
Columns in a CSV file may be different for each provider.

Currently supported CSV template for these providers: CustomCat, Dreamship, ShineOn, Printify, Teezily, Gooten, Teelaunch, Shirtee, Merchize, Zootop Bear, Yoycol (more are coming...)
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