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Bulk Fulfill your Orders

Only work for Campaign by Product Base

What's difference?

This function allows you to view, edit, and fulfill your orders more easily.

Key feature: Sending to fulfill multiple orders at once.

Other changes include:
Order item is listed as individual row
Edit artwork details right on tables
Can combine orders by shipping address to send at once
View and edit order statuses
Only show orders from the current store (not multiple stores like old version)

Let us take a look at the following case:
Assuming that a customer places an order containing a mug. After purchasing, he sees another mug on your website and makes another purchase. Both mugs are fulfilled by CustomCat. Normally, you will need to send 2 different orders created just for one customer to Customcat. It will charge you twice the production and shipping cost. Also, it will be a headache for you to keep track of this customer and his orders.

With our years of experience with hundreds of sellers, we proudly introduce this feature that will help you solve this issue.

Now, when using this Bulk Fulfill feature, our app will automatically find, among the orders you selected, and combine all orders with the same shipping address + same fulfillment provider, then send them to fulfillment as one order.

🤯 This will greatly help you save shipping fees for fulfillment services with orders come from the same customer.

It can be overwhelming when you first see this menu. Please continue reading to find out the meaning of each status and the function of each menu.

About Status terminologies

Order status:

Generating: Order is placed, the design is in queue for rendering
Ready: All info correct, designed generated, ready to be sent
Processing: The Order is being sent to your Supplier
Sent: Order is sent successfully to fulfillment services
Error: Fail to send to fulfillment, need to check again
Fulfilled: Order is fulfilled and out for delivery


Paused: Used when you want to pause a Ready order to not send to fulfillment services yet.
Unknown: Order created before this feature is released, do not have any status
Archived: Used when you want to temporarily remove an order that you no longer concerns about from the All orders list

About Table terminologies

Order number. Lines that share the same Number indicate that they are from the same order

TIB Status
The current status of your order as explained from the previous section

The name of your Campaign set in teeinblue

Order payment status

Store status
The status of your orders on Shopify

The quantity of that line item ordered

The product base

The color variant of ordered product

The size variant of ordered product

Fulfill to
The fulfillment services of your choosing

Order design 1
The Artwork that is connected to your Campaign

Order design 2
The Artwork that is connected to your Campaign

Order design 3
The Artwork that is connected to your Campaign

Fulfillment Shipping method
Name of shipping method that use for fulfillment

Shopify SKU
A unique ID for a variant. This information is stored on Shopify

Fulfilled SKU
The unique SKU for a variant. Must be matched with your fulfillment service's SK

Customer info: Your customers' information. Please make sure all the necessary information are entered in order to fulfill your orders
- First name
- Last name
- Email
- Phone
- Company

Shipping information: The shipping information of your customers. Please make sure all the necessary information are entered in order to fulfill your orders
- Address 1
- Address 2
- City
- State
- State Code
- Country
- Country Code

Processed at
The time your orders are processed

Last update
The time your orders were last updated

Action (Created at)
Shows the time when an order was created

Action (Pencil icon)
Edit customization

Action (Clock icon)
Shows activity logs of your order activity history

About Order Table

How it works

In this "Bulk Fulfill" section, you will see one main table (All items) and 9 other individual tables. You will be able to use these tables to quickly look up, view, manage, and edit any order item you want.

Some featured notices:
The individual order item is showed on a singular row.
Order items with same number ID belongs to same order.
Orders will automatically be moved to their corresponding table based on their status.

All items

Show all orders that are placed by customers.
You will be able to mass edit fields
Track the statuses as listed above

Ready to fulfill

Show all orders that are ready to be fulfilled
You will be able to mass fulfill, archive, pause selected items
Items will be moved to other sections according to your choices

If you choose to pause an item, you will be able to enter a reason for pausing said item:

Order items must be in "Ready" status to be able to send to fulfill

Items paused

Items that are Ready but not sent yet to fulfillment services for whatever reasons. (wrong design, payment has not been made, etc.)
You will be able to view and unpause and continue to send to fulfillment services

When you're ready to continue fulfilling these orders, you can select them as mark them as ready to fulfill.
When an item is marked as ready to fulfill, it will be moved back to Ready to fulfill you will have to continue to fulfill it from there.

Items have error

When an order is on Ready status and sent to fulfillment services, but has an error, will be showed here.
You can re-validate information, mass edit, and try sending it to fulfillment services again

When you have solved the existing errors, you can select your orders and mark them as ready to fulfill.
When an item is marked as ready to fulfill, it will be moved back to Ready to fulfill, you will have to continue to fulfill it from there.
If errors still occur, your order will be moved back to Items have errors.

Here are some tips that will help you indicate the errors:
Wrong SKUs inputted
Missing customers' information
Designed file cannot be read
Designed file cannot be downloaded due to size limit
Missing products' attributes
teeinblue failed to connect to fulfillment services' servers

Items sending

Order items being processed by fulfillment services

Items sent

Orders done processing by fulfillment services will appear here
You can archive selected orders

Items fulfilled

Orders have been successfully processed by services, ready to be shipped to customers
You can archive selected orders
Orders made from teeinblue on Shopify admin will be automatically marked as fulfilled as well
Tracking codes will be updated (if available)

Items late tracking

If orders have run out of a certain time period while being fulfilled by provided, they will appear here.
You can view exactly what order being late, from which customer, from which services, etc.

You can set how many days that an order will be listed in "Late Tracking" in Items late tracking > Advanced settings:

When late-tracking orders are fulfilled, they will be moved to Items fulfilled.

The maximum late tracking days you can set are: 30

Items archived

Show a list of archived orders.
(These archived orders are NOT related to Shopify archived orders).
You can un-archive selected orders.

Un-archived orders will be moved back to their previous status

Items canceled

Show a list of canceled orders
It can be canceled by customers or sellers with any reason.

Items not found

There are very rare cases in which teeinblue orders will have missing customization ID. If that happens, they will be shown here.


If this switch is disabled, the teeinblue app will no longer combine orders based on their shipping address.

If you have any concerns, please contact us via chat box within application portal.

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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