API is a unique key of an account which a provider generates in order to allow third parties, like teeinblue, to connect and send orders to.

Hence, you need to copy and paste the API key of your account to Fulfillments page, so teeinblue can identify and send orders to the correct account.

Printful API key

Login to your Printful account at printful.com.
Go to Stores page > Create a new store with Manual order platform / API method.

After creating custom store, go to Settings > Stores > API.
Choose the store name you've just created. Then click "Enable API Access".

Then Printful will generate an API key for your store account.

Copy and paste it to teeinblue's Fulfillments page.

CustomCat API key

Login to your Customcat account at app.customcat.com.
Go to My stores page > create a new store with Create API Order method.

Go to Settings page. Select the store you've just created.

Go to API tab > Copy the API key with Read/Write access.

Copy and paste it to teeinblue's Fulfillments page.

Dreamship API key

Login to your Dreamship account at dreamship.com/app.
Go to Settings page > Enable Advanced Webhook

Next, move to the Webhook section above > Click Manage Subcriptions > Tick all the information within the popup Webhook Subscriptions > Click Save and close popup

Then, select the API section

Click button "Show" to check for API key > Click button "Copy" to copy API key

Copy and paste it to teeinblue's Fulfillment page

Picanova API key

Login to your Picanova account at api.picanova.com.
Go to Stores page > Create a new store by clicking button "Create store"

Go to API Documentation > Pay attention to the API User and API Key > Copy API Key

In teeinblue's Fulfillment page, fill in the API according this format: api_user:api_key.
For example: test-tib:9bc8de7a...

On the same page in teeinblue portal, copy the Webhook URL under API section

Go back to Picanova platform > Go to Stores page > Click on "Manage" store

Click on Settings tab, then Store Settings section > Paste the webhook URL (copied from teeinblue portal) in Webhook URL field > Click Save to finish

ShineOn API key

Sign up your account at partner.shineon.com.
In registration form, choose sentence "I plan to use the API to send orders."

Go to Settings page > Then API section > Copy the Access Token

Copy and paste the token to API key field in teeinblue's Fulfillment page
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