1. What does it mean by “Free first xx orders”?

It means that you can generate xx orders / month without additional transaction fee as accordance with the plan you’re followed.

For example:
You are in Free plan with "Free first 25 orders" and the transaction fee is 1.2%.
So, it means that you have 25 orders per month without any transaction fee from teeinblue. However, from the 26th order, teeinblue will charge 1.2% of total price of an order (not charge the first 25 orders). On the next monthly cycle, you will get new 25 free orders.

2. What is transaction fee?

When the number of your monthly orders exceeds the free limit, you will be charged extra fee. For teeinblue, we charge the percentage of value per order and call it “transaction fee”. The transaction rate depends on your subscription plan.

Same example above:
You are in Free plan with "Free first 25 orders" and the transaction fee is 1.2%.
Assuming that the total value of your 26th order that you can get is $50. According to the subscription limit of Free plan, teeinblue will charge 0.012 x $50 = $0.6 per order. This number will continue being rounded up to $1.
➡ You need to pay $1 of extra fee.

3. Why does the transaction fee round up?
From March 2021, the total transaction fee of extra orders per day are rounded up to remove decimals.

This change is to prevent the problem when Shopify mistakes the dot as the thousands place, so a charge is multiplied by thousand times.

E.g. teeinblue sends a usage charge of $1.7 (one dollar and seven cents) to Shopify to add to Shopify billing. But Shopify mistakes as $1,700 (one thousand and seven hundred dollars).

This action is actually suggested by Shopify team:

teeinblue does not round up each transaction fee, it only rounds up the sum of all extra fee per day.

E.g. On Jan 1st, you have 3 extra orders out of free orders, and the transaction fee of each order is: $0.2, $0.5, $0.8.
➡ teeinblue will NOT round up to $1/fee, but it will sum the fee of 3 orders: $0.2 + $0.5 + $0.8 = $1.5 → round up to $2.

4. Do I get charged transaction fee with product that isn’t created by teeinblue?

No, you won’t. We charge fee if only the order item is created by teeinblue; and also, within the total value of an order, we only charge the value of product created by our app.

For example: You get an order with 2 items: a normal t-shirt created in Shopify & a personalized mug created in teeinblue. Then we will only charge the transaction rate of the price of the mug, not the total price of the whole order.

5. How does teeinblue define a valid order created by the app?

A valid order is counted when customer successfully creates an order with product that is launched via teeinblue. With each successful order is created like that, we will count to your created order history which you can be noticed inside our app dashboard’s Usages page.

6. Does teeinblue count test order? How do I create a valid test order?

Our app doesn't count orders that are marked as tested, however this is only valid if user uses Bogus Gateway in Payment checkout. To produce a valid test order using simulating transaction, you should follow this instruction by Shopify: Placing a test order.

7. How can I track my usage charge?

Please refer to this article to learn more about tracking usage charge.

8. If my store uses a different currency than U.S. dollars (USD), how will teeinblue charge the extra fee?

For stores that are using different currency, if you excess your free order limit, teeinblue will calculate the extra fee in currency that is using by your store, then exchange it later to U.S. dollars (USD).

9. If I upgrade to a new plan during my current cycle, will I be fully charged the price of new plan?

No, you won't be. In fact, the price of your new subscription will diminish the number of inactive days of your old subscription, which means that you won't need to pay full price for it. For more details about how this upgrade/downgrade process works, please read more in this article by Shopify.
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