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Track pricing plan Usage and Fee charge

You can go to "Usages" page to track your pricing plan usage of free orders and the fee charge that needs to be accounted.

Usage Plan

On the left, you can check:
You current subscription plan.
Your monthly cycle. Number of free orders will restart on the beginning of cycle.
Switch plan button: if you want to upgrade/downgrade plan.

On the right, you can check the number of teeinblue orders in the current cycle and the limit of free orders in your plan.
If your store still has free orders left, it will show in green:
If your store exceeds the limit, it will show in red:

Usage History table

The table can show you which order is free, which is charged, and how much the fee is.
Each line represents an order item.

Fee (USD): The amount of extra charge for each order item in USD.
- The charge is calculated by: Your plan's transaction rate x Order item's amount.
Example: Rate = 1.2% = 0.012; Amount = 17.95 EUR = 21.29 USD ➡ Fee = 0.012 x 21.79 = ~0.25548 USD
- Fee won't apply for order item not from teeinblue.
- Fee won't be charged if the order is marked as "Is Free".

Amount: The price of one order item.

Rate: The percentage of order price that will be charged. Varies on your plan (eg. 1.8% for Starter plan).

Is Free:
- Checked mark: order item is counted in the limit Free orders of pricing plan.
- No mark: order item is out of free limit and will be counted as extra charge.

- Checked mark: fee of the order item has been sent to Shopify billing successfully, and will be counted in Shopify billing cycle of your store.
- No mark: fee of the order item has not been sent to Shopify billing yet.

Created at: Charge's created date = order's created date.

All charges are converted to USD, exchange rate bases on Shopify exchange rate.

Check your billing matching with fee charge

In order to check your billing to see if it matches with the fee charge or not, go to Shopify settings > Billing.

You will see the billing is updated following the usage fee charge in the Usage page.

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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