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Printarea of Product Base

What is Printarea

A print area is an area that can be printed on a POD product.
POD products can have different print-areas. For example, a mug usually has one print-area which is wrap-around the outside of the mug; while a T-shirt can have 2 print-areas: front & back...

Artwork will be placed within a print-area to send to fulfillment (see Locate artwork).

Therefore, printarea will decide the size of the order's design sent to fulfillment.
Also, printarea will be used to display artwork on product mockup.

Create a default Printarea

Choose a product base to edit
Click on button "New Printarea"
Add a key name for the printarea (eg. Front, Back, Side...)
Add width and height (in pixel).
Click on Save

Printarea name (printarea key)

Printarea name is used to identify where this printarea belongs to.
Some providers require the exact key name, like Front/Back, to print on correct position (check this article)

For example, you can enter the Printarea Key here:

Note that the Printarea Key is different from the Display Name. You can set the Display Name to whatever you want for easier working.

Printarea size

Input number of width and height in pixel. They should match the requirement of your fulfillment provider.

You can use the following site to calculate your desired Printareas
Where to find printarea guidelines of providers?

Number of printareas

Number of printareas depends on the product base.
For example: a tshirt can have an artwork on Front printarea, and another one on Back printarea.

In case a product base has different printarea size for each variants, please read this instructions: Custom Variant Printarea feature.
With on-going Campaigns, please be sure not to remove the existing Printarea, as it will affect your orders. If you want to add new ones, be sure to also update them in your Campaign Editor Page as well.

Set up printarea in Mockup

Edit a mockup in Product Base or in Campaign. Mockup Editor will appear.
Click on "Add Printarea" button to add the correct printarea to a mockup image.
For example: Add printarea "Front" to the mockup of the Tshirt's front side

Width and height when creating Printarea will fix the ratio of printarea in mockup.

For detailed instruction of Mockup Editor, please read this article: Mockup of Product Base.

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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