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Change background color of Mockup as variant color

You can now show your product color variant without adding too many mockups to Product base.
This feature is very helpful for products which have many colors, like T-shirt, so we don’t need to upload mockup for each variant.

If you already prepare all mockups for each variant color, you can use the Assigned variants feature instead.

First, you need to setup Color Hex for all variants of your product base, that’s what the background will change to.

Our app can detect some basic colors based on their name (Black, White, Red...) without color hex.

Then, upload a mockup image with transparent background in term of product, so we can see through the color of the background.
Note that the t-shirt should have an overlay to make the creases of t-shirt.

Download example mockup here.

Enable toggle "Background by variant color"

Save then create campaign with this product.
Then the background under this mockup image will change to the corresponding selected variant's color.
You can check it out our demo in here to preview feature.

The thumbail on gallery of this image will not be able to change color according to selected variant.

You can set a Default background color to add a fixed color for the thumbnail on gallery of this mockup image.

Note: For clothes mockup like T-shirt, usually you need an overlay layer to create the creases of the t-shirt.

But this layer might make the background display in a fainter color.

In this case, you should:
Reduce opacity of the overlay layer

Set a darker color hex than the actual color. Then change the color hex in Variants table.

The color hex in Variants is only used for Mockup preview. It does not affect the print file, so you can set any color hex you want. No need to be accurate with print provider.

Updated on: 20/07/2022

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