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Custom Variant's Printarea

Some products might not have only one fixed printarea size, but require different printarea sizes for each variants.
For example:
Poster/Canvas can have various variants: 10x10in, 12x18in, 30x20in... Each of these variants needs a different width and height of printarea.
Mug can have some variants: 11oz, 15oz... The mug 15oz can have a higher number in printarea's height compared to 11oz.

Acknowledging this case, teeinblue supports users to create custom printarea with unique size for each variant.
So when your customers place an order with a variant, the order design can be generated in the correct printarea size of that variant .
For example: within the same campaign, if a customer purchases a 10x10in poster, the order design must be generated in 3000x3000px; while for another customer purchases a 30x20in poster, the order design should be 9000x6000px.

Here are the steps to create and connect custom variant's printarea:

1. List all printareas in Printareas section

Go to Product Base → Printareas → create all custom printareas.

For example: you want to sell a Poster with 3 variants: 8x10in, 12x16in, 24x16in. And the fulfillment provider requires correct printarea name & printarea size for each variant:
Poster 8x10in: requires printarea name to fulfill = 8x10 & printarea size = 2400x3000px
Poster 12x16in: requires printarea name to fulfill = 12x16 & printarea size = 3600x4800px
Poster 24x16in: requires printarea name to fulfill = 24x16 & printarea size = 7200x4800px

Then you need to create 3 corresponding printareas:
Printarea 8x10: width = 2400 - height = 3000
Printarea 12x16: width = 3600 - height = 4800
Printarea 24x16: width = 7200 - height = 4800

After listing all necessary printareas, we'll connect each printarea to a variant.

You can use the following site to calculate your desired Printarea

2. Connect a variant with a printarea in Variants table

Go to Product Base → Variants → enable Custom variant's printarea toggle.
After toggle is enabled, a column named Connect custom printarea will show up in Variants table.

Enable to show the Connect custom printarea column

Click on a field in Connect custom printarea column will show a list of printareas (created in step 1).

Connecting the custom variant printarea

Select the correct printarea for the variant in each row.

Make sure you connect them correctly

Once the "Custom variant's printarea" is enabled, it is required to connect printareas for all variants.

After selecting, each variants is successfully connected with a printarea.

To remove a connected printarea in a row, click on the field and press "Delete" button to clear the field.

If there're some variants using the same printarea name and size, you can connect them to the same printarea.

Connect multiple variants to the same printarea

If "Custom variant's printarea" toggle is disabled, the connected printareas will not work.

3. Select artwork for printarea in Campaign

Go to Campaigns → Create a new campaign
In "Step 1: Add products & artworks", add a product base. Then all printareas of the product base will show up.

Printareas are listed in Campaign

Select an artwork for each printarea.

Add artwork to each printarea

Locate artwork in each printarea if necessary.

When a variant is selected, teeinblue will find what printarea is connected to that variant, and what artwork is added to that printarea. Then, depending on the selected variant, personalization form only shows fields from the artwork added to that variant's printarea.

Form changes according to selected variant

Launch your campaign.

On storefront, gallery will hide mockups which do not share the same artwork with the selected variant. This action is to avoid the case when customers fill in the personalization form but the mockup (which do not contain the same artwork) is not changed.

Only show mockup containing the same artwork as the selected variant's

Should add at least 1 mockup image for each variant. If there's no mockup containing the selected variant's printarea, the gallery on storefront will be blank.
Every Variant must have its Artwork as well. If you do not add Artwork to it, the customization form and the gallery on storefront will be blank.

When customers place an order, teeinblue will find the printarea connected to the variant that customers order, and generate the corresponding order design, based on the printarea size and the artwork added to that printarea .

Order is based on variant's printarea

Remember to add artwork to all connected printareas. If a printarea is connected to a variant, but does not have any artwork added, then personalization form will show options from all artworks added to the campaign, but orders of that variant will have no order design.

For deprecated custom printarea

The old way to create custom printarea is now named [Deprecated] Custom printareas.

Old custom variant's printarea

The custom printareas in this deprecated feature is still working normally if they're used in running campaigns.
However, you cannot create or edit custom printareas this way.

Recommend switching to the new way mentioned above to connect variant with printareas, because this old feature might be deprecated soon.

To switch to the new feature:
Enable "Custom variant's printarea" toggle.
Select printarea in "Connect custom printarea" column.

If you select a printarea in the "Connect custom printarea" column, the variant will follow the new feature and ignore the custom printareas in the deprecated feature (if any).

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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