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Add Multiple Image Layers to Mockup

In Mockup Editor, you can use the "Add Image" button to upload layers overlapping the printarea. Which can be used to making the mockup more realistic, especially in cases:

Case 1: You need to show material of product

Case 2: You need to display printarea in a different shape

Case 3: There is a hand or other things covers some parts of printarea

Case 1: Show material of product

For some products, showing the material of product is very important in delivering actual product image closest to reality to customers.
In this case, you would need to add an image showing material above the mockup background and print-area.

Create or search for a texture image to represent the material. (Eg. canvas texture, plastic texture...)
In this example, we use this plastic texture:

We will add this texture to this poster:

Click on Add Image button on Mockup editor and upload that image.
Drag it to the position on top of the printarea.

Change opacity to make it blend with the poster. And here is the result:

You should cut and adjust the image layer to fit perfectly with product mockup before uploading to app.

You can view the following video for more detail

Case 2: Display printarea in a different shape

Usually, to crop printarea, you can use the Mask feature we instruct above.
However, mask might not fit sometimes, especially in case you allow your customers to personalize by uploading photo.
Like this example: Customer uploads a square photo, but you want to show on the mockup as circle to fit the pendant.

You can follow these steps:
Upload a mockup background. And add the printarea.

Upload an image to overlay the printarea, but it needs to have blank area to show part of printarea.
For example: an image of a necklace with blank part inside the pendant.

To adjust the printarea to fit the pendant, you can drag the printarea forward

After resizing, drag the printarea to under the image. Then Done.

You can view the following video for more detail

Case 3: A thing covers some parts of printarea

Take this image as example:

If you add printarea to this mockup, it will cover the fingers.

You'll need the printarea to lay under the fingers, but still above the mug.

Here are the steps:
Open the image in Photoshop. And use the Lasso Tool, or Magic Wand, to select the part of the fingers laying on the mug.

Copy and paste it to a new layer

Export this layer as a PNG image. Remember to keep the transparency.

Back to teeinblue's Mockup editor, click "Add Image" button to upload this finger image.

Resize and move it to exactly overlap the finger on the background. Make sure the Image layer is above the Printarea.


Updated on: 17/08/2022

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