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Product Base Errors & Resolutions

1. Editing icons do not show up

Reason: Because of the icon system → Solution: Change DNS to
You can change the DNS via the following article.

2. Product color doesn't change

Reason 1: Color hex in Product Variant is missing → Solution: Fill in color hex as in provider's instruction. Color hex must have "#"

Reason 2: The Product image is not transparent → Solution: Create a transparent mockup image

3. Perspective feature doesn't work properly

Reason: Mockup image is too large → Solution: Resize the mockup image to below 800x800px

4. Can't delete product

Reason: The product is in use in a campaign
Step 1: Remove product in campaign
Step 2: Delete product in Product Base
If the Campaign already had orders on it, you cannot delete its variants anymore.

5. Can't upload/save mockup

Reason: The mockup image size exceeds 1000 x 1000px and 64MB → Solution: Resize the image using or

6. Variants that have been marked "Unavailable" still show up on storefront

Reason: Due to cache
Step 1: Go to Campaign
Step 2: Edit Product
Step 3: Save variants and close
Step 4: Update campaign

7. Variants' position show up wrongly on storefront

Reason: Due to cache → Solution: Click Re-order Variants
Learn how to re-order variants here

8. Duplicated contents on storefront

For some themes, teeinblue already adds an additional CSS rule to hide the original price, Variant Selection are, ATC Button, etc. of the Shopify product page. However, it doesn’t always work. In that case, please contact our support team for assistance. You can reach us via

Updated on: 17/08/2022

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