Gelato is one of the API-integrated provider in Teeinblue, and their catalog is available to quickly import to Teeinblue.
The Gelato catalog in Teeinblue is taken from Gelato's public Catalog.

Import Gelato Catalog

Go to Teeinblue's Product Base > hit Import product button.
Choose "Gelato" among the list of Fulfillment providers > it'll show all products available in Gelato catalog.

Find the product you want to sell and hit Import button to get that product data to your Teeinblue.

Some products might require to select extra options before importing:
For apparel (T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Tanktop, Hoodie,…), there are Garment print options:
- "0-4" (no front, only back): Only print design on the back side
- "4-0" (only front, no back): Only print design on the front side
- "4-4" (front and back): Print design on both sides

For decorative products (Canvas, Poster, Calendar, Photobook,…), there will be more options:
- Orientations (Horizontal, Vertical)
- Paper type/weight
- Protection type
- ...

The option you choose will affect the SKU (Gelato's Product UID) and variants of the imported product, thereby decides the order sending to Gelato.
For example: if you choose the "0-4" option for a T-shirt, then when an order is sent to Gelato, its design will be added on the back side. You cannot choose "0-4" then print a design on front side. Similarly, if you choose "horizontal" for canvas then the order will be printed on horizontal, not vertical.

Learn more about Gelato Product UID here.

Currently Gelato API does not support sending an order with more than one design (for example: a "4-4" tshirt with one design on front and one on back). Therefore, if you have an order item with many designs, you will need to place that order manually on Gelato platform.

Product Info
Read this article for more instructions: Edit product info

Mockup images are taken from Gelato's website. You might need to upload your own mockups.
Printareas are taken from Gelato's website. Please double check the printarea size to make sure it matches the Gelato's Printarea Guidelines.
Variants and SKUs are imported bases on the option you choose before importing. If you find a missing variant, please try choosing other options and import the product again.
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