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Locate artwork in Printarea

It's important to know how artwork will be placed on printarea. Why?
Because it affects 2 things:
Mockup: after you add a printarea to a mockup, artwork will show up on the mockup in place of printarea for preview purpose.
Order design: order design is created by placing artwork to the printarea, and fitting artwork to match printarea size.

How artwork is placed on printarea automatically

By default, artwork will fit in Printarea by:

Scaling up (if smaller than printarea) to fit width or height of printarea (whichever comes first) & placing center-aligned.
Scale up to fit

Scaling down (if bigger) to fit width or height of printarea (to contain all artwork) & placing center-aligned.
Scale down to fit

No part of artwork will be cut off.

This action is done automatically after adding an artwork to a printarea . Users don't need to locate artwork manually.

However, there are some cases that artwork will not fit printarea:

When artwork's ratio is different from printarea's
Artwork will fit in printarea in a way to avoid cropping off any part of the artwork. Therefore, there'll be some blank areas on order design if artwork's ratio & printarea's ratio do not match.
Blank area when artwork & printarea do not match

When there is a change in printarea size
If you already add an artwork to a printarea in campaign, but then change the size of that printarea, then artwork will not automatically scale to fit the new printarea size.
Artwork won't fit automatically after printarea size is changed

In these two cases, you might need to edit artwork size to match printarea size, OR you can locate artwork manually.
Please follow the steps below to know how to locate artwork.

How you can adjust artwork's position on printarea manually

In campaign editor, after adding an artwork to a printarea, you'll find a Locate artwork button under the selected artwork.
Click on it will open a popup to adjust artwork's size and position in printarea.

Locate artwork popup

By default, if users don't change anything, artwork will place on printarea in the automatic way mentioned in How artwork is placed on printarea automatically.
You can use the fields in the left panel, or drag and drop in the right preview, to change artwork size and position.

Adjust artwork size & position

After locating, click "Save" to apply the change on mockup & order.

Locate artwork applies on mockup and order design

Any part of artwork which is placed outside of printarea will not show up in mockup and order design.

When there're blank areas between artwork and printarea, you can use Locate artwork to scale up artwork to cover the blank , but be aware that in order to do that, some parts of artwork will be cut off.

So you can use this feature to add the same artwork on multi-size products. Read this article to learn more: article link.

Remember to locate artwork whenever printarea size is changed.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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