A campaign is a combination of your product and design.
Each campaign will become a correspondent product on Shopify for selling.

You can do some basic actions for a campaign as normal product right from Shopify, such as setting inventory, shipping rates, making a product unavailable on online store...

To create a campaign, go to Campaigns page and click on "+New campaign" button.

First, name your campaign.

After launched, the campaign URL will be based on the Campaign title, so please type your campaign name correctly.

After naming your campaign, click "Save" and the Campaign Editor will open.

Step 1: Customize your campaign

In this step, start adding your artworks and product base that you want to combine.

Select at least 1 artwork & 1 product base

Number of artworks depends on number of printareas available in the selected product base, but no more than 3 artworks.
I.e. If your product base has only 1 printarea, then you can only add 1 artwork to the campaign. The "+" button in "Select Artwork" will not show up for you to add the 2nd artwork.

Remember to map each artwork to the correct printarea of product base.

This mapping will be used to display correspondent artwork on mock-ups.

You can add multiple product bases to sell with the same artworks.

There will be an option for customers to select the product on store.

Remember to click on each product base to map artwork to printarea of selected product.

To edit a product base, hover on product name and click the Pencil icon to edit. A sidebar will appear on the right.

You can click on the product title on top of the sidebar to change the name appearing on store (only apply to this campaign).

To edit variants, click on the Color & Size options to choose to show which variants on store (Blue options are active).
Changes will be updated on the "Available Variants" table below.

Then click "Save variants and close".
Read this article to learn more: Edit Variants in Campaign

To remove a product base from campaign, edit it and scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar to find the "Remove this product from campaign".

Step 2: Preview your Campaign

After finishing setting up campaign in Step 1, scroll down to preview campaign in Step 2.

To switch preview of each product base, click on the product in Step 1.
It will change to the correspondent mockup and also variant options of the selected product.

Click on the Campaign name to edit it

The display Price ($33.99) is only a demo price. The correct price and currency of each product base will be shown on store after launched.

Available Product is a list of product bases you added in Step 1.

The personalization form is below the variant options. This form will show personalization options from all added artworks.
Please read this article to learn more: Personalization Options in Campaign

You can upload new mockup or edit mockup just for Campaign.
Please read this article to learn more: Mockup in Campaign

Step 3: Configure Additional Information

A campaign launched to Shopify store will create a correspondent product in Shopify. So you can add the additional information for this campaign to sync to the product in Shopify.

Product Type & Tags: will become the Product Type and Tags in Shopify Product

Product Thumbnail: the featured image of product item, showing on other pages

Vendor of the campaign is automatically taken from the Provider of Product Base.
Eg. If you import product from Printful, then the Vendor is Printful. If campaign contains multiple products from more than one provider, it will show as "Various Vendor".

Final: Launch Campaign

When your campaign is all ready to launch, it will show a green message as below.

If the message bar shows in red, it means your campaign is missing something to launch. Please make sure:
There is at least one artwork and one product base
There is at least one available variant on each product base

If the message is green, you can click on "Launch" button on top right corner to publish campaign to online store.

You can also launch a campaign to multiple stores (Read more about Launching campaign to multiple stores)

After launching, a "View" button will show up to open campaign on storefront. And the "Launch" button changes to "Update", so you can update campaign whenever you make a change.

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