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Personalization Options in Campaign

Personalization Form in Campaign editor shows personalization options synced directly from all selected artworks.

Edit personalization options in Campaign

1. Re-order personalization options
This action is deprecated in Campaign. In order to re-order layers, please re-order in Artwork Editor. Read more on the instructions here: Re-order layer in Artwork Editor

2. Edit option title

Name of each option can be set in the Title field of the option in Artwork Editor.

If the Title field is blank, Title of that personalization option will be set according to Layer name in Artwork.

Option Title should be set up while creating artwork (Learn more about Personalization options

3. Display cliparts as color on personalization form

When your clipart category contains the exact same clips but in different color, you can display those cliparts as color instead of image.

What you need to do here is going to your Clipart Library, hover your clip arts one-by-one and click on the transparent square under the clipart name to adjust the color.

How it looks like on live store

Learn more about adding color to clipart at: Edit Cliparts.

Remember to update campaign to sync changes to store.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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