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Personalization Options for Layers in Artwork

To add a personalization option to a layer, click on the Pencil icon on that layer to open its Layer options panel.

Add a toggle to show/hide this layer

Enable this option will show a toggle on storefront allowing your customers to choose to show or hide the selected layer.
"Pre-enable toggle (show layer by default)" makes the toggle will always be enabled by default, which means the layer you allow your customers to hide will be shown at first.

06 Personalization Options:

1. No personalization

If you choose this option, it means that you are NOT allowing your customers to make change on the chosen layer.

2. Personalize with 1 Clipart category

If you enable this option, you can only choose a single clipart category as an alternative of that layer.

On live store, all cliparts of that category appear immediately:

3. Personalize with 1 Group of clipart categories

This option allows you to select a parent clipart category, including its sub-categories Hierarchy of Clipart category.
After selecting a parent category, we will have a dropdown list on storefront that contains all sub-categories of the parent you selected. Cliparts of a sub-category only appear after customers select that sub-category name.

Here is the result on live store:

4. Allow customer to Upload photo

For detailed instructions, please read this article: Upload Photo feature

5. Allow customer to personalize with Maps

This feature allow your customers to search specific locations and display artwork under unique map views. Learn more about this feature here

6. Share with another layer

Special made for repeated-pattern products like socks, shoes. It allows you to link one layer to another layer, and possess the same personalization settings as the original layer. So, your customers won’t need to re-choose the personalization the second time. Learn more about this feature here

Other Options

Text personalization

For detailed instruction, read this article: Add Text & Text Personalization

Additional options

For detailed instruction, please read these articles:
Create and edit Additional option category
Add Additional option in artwork

Option Title and Placeholder Text

Option Title: is the personalization option's label that will display on live store.
If you leave it blank, the personalization option will take the layer's name as its name automatically.

Placeholder text: is the default temporary text in the drop-down list shown on live store. If you leave it blank, it will be set by default as "Choose something..."

Clipart Re-position

When you choose Personalization Options as "clipart category" or "group of clipart categories", some of your cliparts' position and size won't fit instantly to the original layer.
Therefore we come up with a solution to allow users to re-position and resize the alternative clipart via the "Re-position" button.

Now, you'll need to resize and re-position the clipart which is in the wrong position and size.

You can only edit the first clipart and the other clipart within the category will have the same re-position settings. That means re-positioning will be applied to an entire clipart category (NOT just one clipart only). Make sure that your cliparts are well-arranged to have same size and shape before uploading.
USEFUL TIPS to avoid re-positioning many times in app: You should adjust your clipart in Photoshop before uploading to the Clipart category page. Please watch our tutorial for detailed instructions:

Group’s default value

If you want to recommend specific cliparts to your customers, you can set a default clipart so the option will be pre-ticked with this default clipart on storefront.

Mark as Required

Enable this option if it's a mandatory field to place order.

Show customization data on cart/checkout

Display customer's selection on cart page and checkout page

Conditional Settings - Add Condition

For detailed instruction of this feature, please read this article: Add Condition for Layer

Extra Settings - Custom class

This field is only used for extra styling. Require CSS knowledge.

Updated on: 28/07/2022

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