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Upload Photo feature

We can allow your customer to upload their own photo to replace a layer in your design.

How to enable Upload Photo feature

To enable this feature, go to Artwork Editor → select a layer that will be replaced by customer's photo → choose "Upload photo" in Personalization Options:.

Then there will be an option on storefront for customers to upload their photo:

The size and position of the uploaded photo depends on the original layer.

Final design in order will be the photo that customer uploaded.

Enable Cropping

Usually, the uploaded photo will be scaled up or down to fit the size of the original layer. You can enable the photo cropper to give your customers more control of the uploaded photo.

Enable photo cropper: a popup will show up when customer uploads a photo, allowing to resize, crop and zoom the photo.
The crop ratio depends on the ratio of the original layer.

Enable circled image: the shape in preview will be circle instead of rectangle. But it only helps in cropper preview, the actual photo will still be uploaded in rectangle.
This feature would help if you sell something in round shape, such as pendants, so that customers can easily adjust the position to fit the mockup.

Crop into a custom shape: the photo which customers upload will be crop into a custom shape. You need to prepare a PNG image, it'll change the cropper to the shape of the visible part of the image.

On photo cropper, an overlay will show up on the transparent or bright part of the shape image. It doesn't cover the dark or black part, so it'll leave the black shape be highlighted.
The brighter a part is, the darker the overlay is. The overlay will be darkest on transparent part, and will be completely hidden on the darkest color (#000000).

Therefore, we recommend using a solid black (#000000) for the shape image.

The overlay only shows on the cropper for preview purpose. It doesn't affect how the photo will be cropped, it'll still be cropped based on the visible part of the shape image.

Enable Live Preview

You can enable the "Live preview" switch to show uploaded photo on gallery:

Remove background of uploaded photo

Read more instruction here: How to use Remove Background feature

Other Options


Title is the personalization option's label that will display on live store.
If you leave it blank, the personalization option will take the layer's name as its name automatically.

Add instruction for customer

Sometimes you need to show instructions for customers about image size, image ratio...
You can add text to this field to show a small instruction below the upload option.

This field supports HTML format. You can use a Word to HTML tool to convert your formatted text to HTML and paste to this field.

Updated on: 29/07/2022

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