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Add Text & Text Personalization

Personalization Settings
Paragraph Text

To add a text to your artwork, click on the "Text" button.

Or upload a PSD file. If you choose to import text from a PSD file, remember to click converting your PSD text to Teeinblue's text layer. After conveting, you should re-check the text font family and adjust it if needed

General Settings

Default text

Your text content. Add a text that you want to be showed by default on design.
Eg. Lily (a name for a woman), 17/09/2020...

This doesn't change the layer's name. To change the layer's name, just double click on the layer name.

Text color

Change the default color of this text.


Please read the article: About Fonts for more details.

Auto scale when text is too long

Set a limit for text frame-width. It will help to scale text size when text is long and reach the frame-width limit.

For short text like names, we suggest that you set the max-width for text frame equal to 500 - 600 px.

Text Background

You can also set a background effect for the custom text fields.

And this is the results on your Storefront:

Personalization Settings

Add toggle to show/hide

Same as the option in Layer options. Learn more.

No Personalization

Turn this on if you do not want customer to add text for this layer.

Enable Personalization

Enable "Allow personalized" toggle to allow your customer to make custom changes with that text.
After enabled, there will be an input field on personalization form on storefront to add custom text.

Option Title

Show the label of the text field on storefront.
Eg. Upload your photo, Woman's name...

Placeholder Text

Temporary text showed on input field as guidelines.
Eg. Type your name here

Input type

Set default input type:
All characters (Aa Bb 123 @#$)
Only numbers (123)
Date picker

Input text case

Choose how to display your customer's texts:
Capitalize Each Word

Text character limit

Set limit on the number of characters that customer type in. This prevents too long text or overlapping.

Enable prefix/suffix

Set a fixed word/character before or after your personalized text. The position of this word won't be changed as your customer add text
Eg. Mr. Leroy

Allow customers to change Text Color

You can choose to offer your color option as
Color Picker
or limit the number of colors by setting up with Color Category (in Assets page). Learn more on how to set up Color Category here

Allow customers to change Font

Let your customer choose font family. This feature only works if you set up the original text layer with Custom Font
Step 1: You'll need to set up Font Category in Assets > Font Categories. Learn more on how to set up Font Categories here
Step 2: Go back editing the text layer in Artwork > choose the Font Category that you've just created

Here's is the result on storefront:

Mark as required

Enable this option if it's a mandatory field to place order.

Align text

Choose alignment for your text input.

Stroke Text

You can add stroke effect to your text via this setting.

And this the the results on your Storefront:

You can always enable both settings at the same time.


You can now create a paragraph

Creating the Paragraph

Inside Artwork Editor, click the + icon and select Paragraph option.

Creating a new Paragraph

Paragraph container

Adjusting the paragraph box

Things to keep in mind:

The container size will be fixed, all text in paragraph will not exceed this container.
If the text is longer than the width → the text will break to the next line

If the text is longer than the height → the text will auto scale down to fit its container
If the text is shorter than the height → the text will remains the same, the maximum font size should equal the font size that you set for the paragraph.

Paragraph alignments

Horizontal Alignment

Setting the alignment

Vertical Alignment

Setting the alignment

Auto scaling (vertical)

The paragraph will automatically be scaled vertically. You cannot disable this setting.

Things to keep in mind:
On your Product Page, if the text is longer than the container’s height, the font size will be reduced to fit the text into its container.
The auto scaling feature does not work on Artwork Editor yet. You will have to try it on Campaign Editor, or Product Page.

Adjust font properties

You can use the following properties:
Font Size
Font Family
Font Color

If a paragraph reaches its container box, increasing font size will do nothing.

The font size will not change if the paragraph reaches its container's border

Text background

Background will fit with the paragraph content (not the container box)

Using text background feature

Text character limit

This will be applied to the whole paragraph, not each line individually. The input of [Enter] or [Spacebar] will be calculated as 01 character.

Vertical offset

You will find this setting in Extra section. This setting is used to update the paragraph position of your rendered order design.

Sometimes, depending on the custom fonts you are using, a paragraph's position might be a few pixels off in the order design.
We can’t calculate exactly position of some handwriting fonts. Therefore, the position of the paragraph on Artwork and Product Page might be a few pixels off with the position on Order design:

If the paragraph is top-aligned (vertical align), it will be moved down a few pixels on Order design.
If the paragraph is bottom-aligned (vertical align), it will be moved up a few pixels on Order design
If the paragraph is middle-aligned (vertical align), it will be in correct position, not be deviated at all. You will not need to use this setting.

If these cases happen, follow the following step to fix the position of the paragraph of your orders:

Step 1. Open the Artwork, and adjust the vertical offset setting.

Setting the paragraph's vertical offset
Use this option to correct it (- 1 to move up 1px and + 1 to move down 1px)

Step 2. Save the Artwork once you are done.

Step 3. Regenerate the design file.

You can repeat from Step 1 to find optimal result.

Step 4. Be sure to update the Campaign once you are done. You will not have to repeat these steps anymore.

Features that do not work with the Paragraph function yet:

Curve Text
Skew Text
Input Type

Conditional Settings

Add Condition

For detailed instruction, read this article: Add Condition for Layer

Extra Settings

Custom class

This field is only used for extra styling. Require CSS knowledge.

Updated on: 30/08/2022

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