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Add Additional option in Artwork

First, if you haven't acknowledged what additional option is, please read this article for better understanding.

To add additional option in artwork, open artwork editor by creating new artwork or edit an existent artwork. (Learn more about Create / Edit artwork)

In artwork editor, click on the icon "+" ➡ button "Additional option" to add a virtual layer for additional option

"Additional option" layer will have the same editing options as other layers. You can double click on the layer name to change it.

Click on icon "pencil" to edit layer ➡ choose an option category for that layer.

Option names will be displayed as available values after selecting a category. You can check the options you have in that category.

Remember to choose default value for this additional option layer, otherwise it can cause error. To choose default value, open Additional Options settings:

After that, you can add title for "Additional option" layer

Mark as required to make the field compulsory to be selected

Also, you can depend this "Additional option" layer on other layers to show this layer only when depended layer is selected, using "Add condition" (Learn more about Adding condition for Layer):

Additional option works as a normal layer, so other layers can also depend on this "Additional option" layer to create multi level of selections. (Read more: Create multi-level selection for layer using Additional options)

Updated on: 17/08/2022

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