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Edit Variants in Campaign

Variants in Campaign are copied from Variants list in Product Base.

To edit variants of a product base in Campaign, hover on the product base and click the Pencil icon. A popup will appear with Variants list.

Disable Options of Variants

Click on a Color or Size option to disable it. Click again to re-active it.
The option in blue is active, gray is inactive.

Remember to click "Save" button to save changes.

Only variants from the active options will be available on store when launching this campaign. If you disable an option, all variants consisting that option will be unavailable.
You can check the variants in Available Variants table in the popup.

Remember to click "Update" campaign after editing.

Disable variant without disabling options

In case you want a Color/Size option to be available in a variant, but not in another variant. For example: color Black is available for variant "color Black and size S", but variant "color Black and size M" is unavailable.
Then you cannot disable the Black option, because the "color Black and size S" variant will be unavailable as well.

In this case, you can still leave the Black option as active. And you can mark the variant "color Black and size M" as Unavailable in Product Base.

On store, the Black option will still show up but the size M will be disabled when selecting Black.

However, please note that the "color Black and size M" is now unavailable in all campaigns.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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