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Mockup in Campaign

Mockups in Campaign are automatically copied from Product Base.

Changes of mockups in Campaign will not affect original mockups in Product base. Changes of mockups in Product Base, after mockups have been copied to Campaign, will not apply to Campaign.

Upload or Import Mockups

You can upload more mockup images specifically for a campaign.
Or import mockups from Product Base again (in case you've deleted the default mockup).

Read some notices of uploading mockup images: Upload mockup in Product Base.

Edit and preview Mockup

The Mockup editor in Campaign is the same as Mockup in Product Base.
You can read all instructions about adding printarea, editing mask, and other features of Mockup Editor here: Mockup of Product Base.

One difference is that we can preview artwork in Campaign.
Turn on the "Preview mode" toggle to fill artwork on printarea. Then you can see and adjust artwork to the suitable position.

Remember to locate your artwork's position on the printarea in campaign

Assigned Variants

Read this article to learn more: Show mockup image for assigned variants.

Remember to click "Update" campaign after editing mockup.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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