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Differences between Campaign by Product Base vs by Shopify products

There're 2 ways to create a personalizable product (a campaign) with Teeinblue: Campaign by Product Base & Campaign by Shopify products.

These 2 types of campaign work separately and don't affect each other.

Let's find out what type you should use.


Both types of campaign can:

Show personalization form from artworks and mockups with live preview on storefront.
Generate order designs based on customers' selections.



Campaign by Product BaseCampaign by Shopify products
Use products created in Teeinblue (Product Bases) → Campaign after launched will become a linked Shopify productUse existing Shopify products → Personalize that product, not create a new Shopify product
Manage variants in Product Base → Teeinblue overrides product info in Shopify (inventory stock, price, location...)Manage variants in Shopify products admin → Keep all product data in Shopify (inventory stock, price, location...)
Add multiple product bases in one campaignOnly one Shopify product to use
Can launch a campaign to multiple storesA campaign is fixed with a Shopify product in a store
Can get API limit if launching/updating too many campaigns in 24hNo limit when creating/editing Shopify products


Campaign by Product BaseCampaign by Shopify products
Order designs are generated based on Printareas → Number of printareas and printarea size will decide number and size of order designNo Printareas, order designs are generated based on Artworks → Number of artworks and artwork size will decide number and size of order design
Can send orders to integrated providers for imported Product basesCannot fulfill orders via Teeinblue → Order items will not show up on Bulk Fulfill

Both campaign types still sync the URL of order designs to Shopify Orders. So you can use 3rd-party apps to read the custom design & fulfill orders.

What should you choose

Campaign by Product BaseCampaign by Shopify products
Suitable for merchants who:Sell complicated product designs with multiple printareasSell simple product designs, want to quickly create campaigns
Want to manage products for multiple stores in one placeWant to manage products in Shopify
Sell with integrated POD providersPrint on their own
Use Teeinblue to fulfill ordersFulfill orders by yourself or Use 3rd-party apps

How to create a Campaign by Shopify products

After reading this article, if you think "Campaign by Shopify products" is a suitable choice for you, then you can read this instructions to know how to create it: Personalize existing Shopify Products with Campaign by Shopify products

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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