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Publish a Campaign to multiple stores

Connect one teeinblue account to multiple Shopify stores

teeinblue can connect one account to multiple stores at the same time if those stores share the same Shopify admin email.

For example, you're having a teeinblue account in a Shopify store with admin email: Then to sync the same account to other stores, all of your stores need to use that same email: as Shopify admin email.

If your stores have different emails, but you still want to map them to one teeinblue account (not recommended), please contact us via live chat in app for help.

Publish one campaign to multiple stores

After teeinblue auto syncs your account to multiple stores, you can directly launch a campaign to all your available stores.
When clicking on "Launch" button, you will see a store list to decide which site to publish this campaign. As example below:

Remember to check your stores to see if the campaign works after publishing.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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