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How to sell a product with multiple sizes?

Some products have different printarea size for each variants. This article will show you how to setup campaigns to sell this type of products.

For Mugs

Read detailed instruction here: Set up artwork and printarea for Mug

For Poster/Canvas

Setup Product Base

You can use the "Import product" feature for quick setup.

Create Printareas:
Each poster's size requires a different printarea size. For example: some provider might require printarea size of poster 8x10in = 2400x3000 px, of poster 24x36in = 7200x10800 px...
Then we should create all printareas for all sizes in Printareas section.

List all printareas

Create Variants:
Prepare all variants you'll sell in Variants table.

List all variants

Connect Variants with Printareas:
Enable "Custom variant's printarea" toggle → The "Connect custom printarea" column will show up in Variants table.
Connect correct printareas with each variants by selecting the printarea name in "Connect custom printarea" column.
For example: variant "White / 8x10in" should be connected with printarea name "8x10" → select "8x10" for row "8x10in".

Connect each variant with a printarea

Read more instruction: Custom variant's printarea.

Upload Mockups:
Upload a mockup for each poster size.
Upload mockups

Edit each mockup and add suitable printarea.
Add correct printarea to each mockup

Create Artworks

There're 2 ways to create artworks:

Method 1: Create an artwork for each size
With each printarea size, create an artwork with exact size.
For example: a "8x10in" poster with printarea 2400x3000 will have an artwork with artwork size = 2400x3000. And create a different artwork with artwork size = 7200x10800 for printarea "24x36"...

Method 1: Create an artwork for each size

Then later when creating a campaign, you can add artworks to each printarea.

Method 2: Create one artwork for similar sizes

To avoid creating too many artworks, you can group printareas with small difference in ratio and use only one artwork for each group.

For example: a "8x10in" with printarea 2400x3000, a "12x16in" with printarea 3600x4800, and a "16x20in" with printarea 4800x6000 have a similar ratio (both are portrait posters).
Then these three printareas can share the same artwork with portrait size.
Other printareas with great difference in ratio, such as "8x10in" (portrait) & "10x8in" (landscape), require separate artworks.

You should create at least 1 artwork for each type of poster (square, landscape, portrait). Then later when creating a campaign, you can use the "Locate artwork" feature to resize each artwork in the suitable printarea.

Method 2: Create only one artwork for each type: square, landscape, portrait

With method 2, should create an artwork with the biggest size of printarea. Because it can keep the best quality when scaling down to fit smaller printareas.

Create a Campaign

Go to Campaigns → create a new campaign.

Add the Product Base (created in step 1). All printareas will show up.

If you're using "Method 1: Create an artwork for each printarea size", then you can select correct artwork for each printarea.

Select different artwork for each printarea

Because each artwork is created in matched size with printarea, the artwork will fit perfectly in printarea, no need to "Locate artwork".

If you're using "Method 2: Create one artwork for similar sizes", then you can select the same artwork for each type.
For example: "20x16" & "10x8" can use the same landscape artwork, "16x16" & "12x12" can use the same square artwork...

Select the same artwork for similar sizes

Then, use the "Locate artwork" to resize artwork to fit each printareas.

Locate artwork to fit different printareas

Read more instructions: Locate artwork

Launch your campaign.

Then on store, when customers click on a variant, the personalization form will show the fields of the selected artwork for that variant's printarea. And gallery will only show the mockup containing that artwork (or mockups that don't have any printarea added).

Form & Mockup change according to selected variant

When customers place an order, teeinblue will find the printarea connected to the variant that customers order, and generate the corresponding order design, based on the printarea size and the artwork added to that printarea.

Order is based on variant's printarea

Updated on: 22/08/2022

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