For some products that contain multiple sizes, the print-area size will also fluctuate correspondent with the product size.

For example: This Matte Canvas of Dreamship has multiple sizes as variants:

As a result, the print-area size of each size variant will be different from each other:

You can learn about checking and customizing print-area of size variant in this article.

In this article, we're going to guide you through the essentials of artwork setup for multiple sizing products.

Set up artwork

Please note that this method can only use for blendable background layer in artwork

Like this background:

Step 1: Group similar print-area size ratio

For canvas like example above, it will contain 3 types of size shape: horizontal rectangle, vertical rectangle, and square.

Group all print-area size that has similar ratio to 3 different groups, following the shapes mentioned above

Example: 3 groups of size of product Matte Canvas:

Step 2: Select a mid size of one group

Example: We will use the Horizontal rectangle group

Let's choose size 12x16 inch
Transform inches to pixels: 12x16 inch = 2250x2850 px

You can check the size in pixel using the feature "Customize print-area variant" in Product base

Step 3: Create artwork

Artwork size should equal to the size of 12x16 variant, so set an artwork size = 2250x2850 px
Set up artwork as normal (Learn more about Creating artwork)
Save artwork

Repeat 3 steps above for the other 2 groups

Create campaigns

Because the different in size ratio of 3 print-area groups, we need to separate it to different campaigns as well. In details, we need to create 3 campaigns that follow the 3 groups of size ratio as mentioned above. Thus:

Create a campaign for group of horizontal rectangle (Learn more about Creating a Campaign)
Create 2 more campaigns subsequently for vertical rectangle and square groups
Launch these campaigns and sell as normal

Orders notice
Because the size of artwork doesn't fit to every size variant, it will be scaled up or down depending on the print-area size.

To understand more how this artwork setup method applies to print-area, please learn more at: How Artwork fits in Printarea

For artworks that contain a non-blendable background, the final print will include certain excess white space area. Please make necessary adjustment for these type of artwork. (Learn more about How to adjust order design)

Please note that we're on our way of working on a feature to improve this issue. You can update the latest news about app updates in our Facebook Community. Appreciate your patience!
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