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How to resize cliparts in Photoshop to prevent Reposition

Why you need to reposition cliparts

Usually, teeinblue sellers face a case like this: A clipart, which customer selects, may replace the original layer in an inappropriate position or size.

This is because, teeinblue will scale an alternative clipart to fit the size and position of the original layer.

Reposition in teeinblue

In Artwork Editor, click on the "Reposition" button, next to each clipart category, to resize and reposition cliparts in that category.

The first clipart showing of this category, will replace the original layer. You can edit the size, and position of this clipart, to make sure they fit in an acceptable size.

Other cliparts in this category, will follow the same reposition setting after.

Disadvantages of Reposition feature in teeinblue:
Cliparts within a category must have the same size and position. Because repositioning one clipart will affect all other cliparts in that category.
Need to reposition clipart category each time creating an artwork/template.

Therefore, the "Reposition" feature in teeinblue is only suitable for:
Stores having a few cliparts
Testing products

For stores having a great number of cliparts, and aiming to sell in a long term, you should re-size and finalize all cliparts before uploading to teeinblue. You only need to do it one time, then can skip the Reposition step whenever creating new artworks.

Resize Cliparts in Photoshop

For better instruction, please watch this video:

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Updated on: 24/08/2022

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