Printify is a network of print providers in all around the worlds. They are NOT a supplier themselves, but acts as an intermediary between sellers and providers.
Therefore, it is not possible to automatically send orders from teeinblue to Printify. You will need to manually pick an available provider in Printify network and send orders to them.

This article will guide you on how to use teeinblue with Printify.

Setup products

1. Find products in Printify

Go to Printify Catalog at:
Search for the product you want to sell. It will show many products from different providers for you to choose.

Click on a product to view details: mockup, properties,...

2. Choose a provider

On product details, you can scroll down to see available print providers for that product.

You can research and pick a provider that matches your requirement. You should base on these criteria to choose a suitable provider: location, available variants, base cost, shipping cost, production time, shipping time. Also, the ranking of a provider will be updated frequently by Printify, based on production time, so you can consider this factor as well.

For example: if your market is Germany, you should pick a provider in Germany or within EU, so the shipping address will be lower than shipping from other continents. Then you can consider a provider with faster production time and cheaper base cost...

3. Import products in teeinblue

After finding a product, you can quickly import that product data from Printify to teeinblue.
Copy the name of the product you choose in Printify.
Go to teeinblue's Product Base page > Hit Import product button.
Select Printify in the left filter.
Paste the product name in the search box.
Hit Import button.

If there are some products with the same name, you can identify it by the Fulfillment Catalog ID in teeinblue, it's also the Blueprint ID in Printify.
You can find Blueprint ID of a product in product URL, or search in this list.

Fulfillment Catalog ID in teeinblue:

Blueprint ID in Printify:

teeinblue only imports general information from the first provider in the list. Including: mockup, description, variants...
Therefore, after importing product, you'll need to setup correct data (printarea, variants) in the next step.

4. Setup printarea & variants

4.1. Setup printarea

Each providers can require a different size of printarea for the same product.
You should set the default printarea size same as the requirement of your provider.

In Printify, hit Start designing button on the provider you choose. It'll open the editor of that provider's product.

You can find a list of Available printareas on top, and a Recommended size in the right sidebar

Go back to teeinblue and setup the same info for Printarea

Learn more about Setup Printarea of Product Base.

4.2. Setup variants

Each providers can have a different list of variants for the same product.

You need to find out what variants are available in the list of your chosen provider.
Hit Start designing button on the provider you choose.
Click on the gear icon to open Product variants. There you can see the available Colors & Sizes.

Select colors & sizes to create variants you will sell. Then go to teeinblue and create the same variants.

Input the SKU, color, size, and price of the variants you will sell. Learn more about creating Variants of Product Base.

SKU here is the Variant ID in Printify, which will be used when exporting to csv later. You can search for the correct SKU of your variants in this list.

If your product has different printarea size for each variant, you can use the Customize variant printarea feature.

And done. You now have a ready-to-go product base for Printify order.

Example for setting up a mug
Search and choose a product:

Choose a provider:

Find printarea size:

Setup printarea in teeinblue:

Setup variants in teeinblue:

Fulfill orders
Manually fulfill an order
Install Printify app
It'll automatically sync orders from your Shopify store to your Printify account, including customer info, shipping address....

Download customer's design
Go to Order details in teeinblue, and download the customized design from customer.

Create products in Printify
Login to your Printify account > My stores > Add product.
Select your product > click Start designing button on the provider you choose.
In the editor, upload the customer's design you downloaded in step 2.

Remember to upload to the correct printarea, and adjust the size and position to fit the design well.

Hit Save product.
Fill in product info (you can skip this step, it's used for adding this product to Shopify)
Save & done. You have created a new custom product.

Add products to order
(If you don't install Printify app, you will need to manually create order in this step).
Find the order in Orders page in Printify.
Edit order > hit Select product > choose the product you just created in step 3.
Save & done. You have a new order with the product and design that your customer placed.

Submit order
Hit Submit order button when your order is ready.
Done. Your order is now in queue for production.

Fulfill by CSV
Download csv from teeinblue
In teeinblue, go to Orders page.
Tick the checkbox to select orders to export.
Hit Export button > Choose Printify to download csv in printify template.

Edit csv file
Open the exported csv file.
Fill in Shipping method: input 1 for regular shipping, and 2 for express shipping.
Fill in Print Provider: because we can't know what provider you choose for a product, so you need to fill in the provider ID manually. You can find the Provider ID in this list.
Blueprint ID is the Fulfillment Catalog ID in teeinblue, and Variant ID is the SKU.
Pay attention to the printarea position: teeinblue can only export the first customer's design and put its URL to the printarea front. If your order has more than 1 printarea, you need to download and upload design to Shopify Files to get the image URL. Then copy that URL to the corresponding field in CSV file.

For the "Organic Creator T-shirt - Unisex" (Blueprint ID: 462), we use the provider "Textildruck Europa" (Provider ID: 26). Variants which customer chose is "L / White" (Variant ID: 64056). We only print on the front of the t-shirt, so the design URL is in the "Printarea front".
This provider only provides regular shipping (Shipping method ID: 1).
So we will fill in the csv file like the image below.

Import to Printify
After editing your csv, you can upload it to Printify to import orders.
Go to your Printify account > Orders
Hit CSV order import > Upload the csv file.
Hit Import. Then it'll import all orders, along with product and customer's design.
Hit Submit order for each imported order.

All done!
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