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How to set up personalized T-shirt in Teeinblue

Basic T-shirt

Step 1: Add/Import Product Base

Go to Product Base:

Click Import Product to add product from Integrated Providers

Or hit +Add manual to add product information manually (add products from other providers or add your own product here)

Step 2: Prepare mockup images and check product information in Product Base

Mockup Image

If you want to sell multi-color options, you will need to adjust your mockup first in Photoshop. The t-shirt area should be transparent so that our system can fill in the color in it later on.

Learn more on how to set up transparent mockup here

Check Printareas

You should double check the printarea sizes with Providers requirement.

With products imported from Integrated Providers, you should not adjust any information about the printarea since we have automatically imported the correct information for you.

Product Variants

From the product edit page, scroll down a bit, you'll see Variants table where displays all product options (Size, Color, Price, Availability).

If you sell multi-color t-shirt:

You should add color hex to the Color Hex column so our app can detect the color when customer selecting option.

If you want to show color variant as Color Swatch circle, click on "Display Settings" button > In the section Display "Color" options as: choose Color Swatch.

Step 3: Upload personalizable Cliparts and create Categories

Learn how to upload clipart here

Step 4: Upload design to Artwork Editor and set up personalization in Teeinblue

Go to Artwork page, import design from Photoshop or create a new design with Teeinblue Artwork Editor.

Please be noted that Artwork size should be similar to or have the same aspect ratio with Printarea size

From the Artwork Editor, you can design your artwork and add personalization options. Learn more about Artwork Editor and Personalization Option here

Step 5: Combine Product Base & Artwork in Campaigns page. And launch the shirt to your store

All-over print T-shirt

Step 1: Add Product Base and Mockup as normal

Step 2: If you're using integrated providers, check the print area sizes for each part of the t-shirt.
If you fulfill the product by yourself or from the other providers, manually add the print area sizes of each part

Step 3: Create artworks for each print area size. (Ex: an artwork for the collar, an artwork for front area, one for the back area…)

Even though some parts are not used for personalizing purposes, you still need to add design to that artwork in order for the fulfillment service to receive the whole print file.

Step 4: Edit the mockup so that the design looks perfect on the t-shirt:

Add all of the print areas to the mockup image
Use the mask feature for each print area added. (Ex: for the collar print area, add a collar mask so that the design will be displayed on the mask area). Learn more about the mask feature here

You can download mockup and mask for AOP shirts here

Step 5: Create and Launch Campaign.

Add each artwork to the suitable printarea then edit your mockup (if needed)

Then Launch your campaign and view it on your store front.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, please follow Teeinblue's tutorial video below:

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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