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How to set up Shineon Products

Step 1: Upload Cliparts

Clipart Category is a collection of image that can be an alternative of your design.

Learn more about Cliparts here

Ex: You upload "Flower Bouquet” cliparts. Then, on live store, your customers can choose different flowers based on this category.

Take a look at Shineon demo here

Step 2: Create design in Artworks

You can create design directly in app or upload PSD file in Artwork Editor. This is where you can set up personalization options for your design.
However, we DO NOT recommend users to post a whole PSD file because:
Photoshop will trim the empty space of a layer by default, making its shape and ratio different.

For Shineon product, you'll to design with Message Card which contains lots of text. In this case, we recommend you use the Text feature in teeinblue. You can choose to use Google Fonts or upload your own font (Custom Font). In case you upload the text layers from your PSD file, remember to click convert text to Teeinblue's layer text, or else it will be displayed as an image layer.

Learn more about our text options here

How to set up Personalization Options for each layer

For image-format layers, you can set up 5 personalization options:

No personalization
If you choose this option, it means that you are NOT allowing your customers to make change on the chosen layer.

Personalize with 1 Clipart category
If you enable this option, you can only choose a single clipart category as an alternative of that layer.

Personalize with 1 Group of clipart categories
This option allows you to select a parent clipart category, including its sub-categories Hierarchy of Clipart category.
After selecting a parent category, we will have a dropdown list on storefront that contains all sub-categories of the parent you selected. Cliparts of a sub-category only appear after customers select that sub-category name.

Upload Photo
Allow customer to Upload photo

Map Styles
Your customers can enter a location and the map in the artwork will show the location they under a map view.

For Message Cards Products, you can choose the 2nd and 3rd option for customers to change between different cliparts. For Pendant products, you can use the 4th option to allow customers to upload their photo.

Message Card


For text layers, you can allow customers to change name, wishes, signature...

Learn more about Artwork here

Step 3: Import product in Product Base

Shineon product catalog has been updated automatically in teeinblue.
In order to use Shineon products, you should connect Shineon API at to teeinblue account.

Learn more about how to connect Shineon API to teeinblue account here.

We've already set up all necessary information and settings such as mockup, printarea size, product description... You can change the mockup image or product description if you want. However, please be noted that you SHOULD NOT make any changes with Fulfillment catalog ID, SKU and the Printarea sizes. Because any wrong information for these 3 fields can affect the customer's orders.

If you don't find a product in the ShineOn Catalog to import, this means ShineOn has not added it to the API Catalog yet. In this case, you need to go to ShineOn dashboard, create the product there to have the SKU of that product. Then you can create a product manually in Teeinblue using that SKU.

Step 4: Create Campaign

A campaign is a combination of your product and design.
Each campaign will become a correspondent product on Shopify for selling.

You should select at least 1 artwork and 1 product base for each campaign.
You can sell one artwork with multiple products.
Each campaign should contain at least 1 product variant

After finishing setting up Campaign, you can click "Launch" to publish the product on storefront. Then, click "View" to see your product

Learn more about Campaign here

Step 5: Send orders directly to Shineon

Once you have orders, you can send directly to Shineon in teeinblue because you've connected API from

Learn more about Orders here

Updated on: 24/08/2022

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