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Setting up a custom shape for Photo Upload feature

As you might have already known, you can use the Mockup Mask feature to create a custom shape for the Printarea.
This feature is very useful when your Printarea is including a Custom Photo Upload feature.

However, this feature is not exactly optimal in some cases as you still have to:

- Manually upload a mask shape and re-adjust your Printarea to fit exactly inside the mask shape.
- Manually download and crop out the rendered image yourself according to the mask shape before fulfilling your Orders.

We understand that doing so would become a hassle when you have to deal with hundred upon hundred of Orders each day.
In this Article, we will introduce a 'trick' which helps you to set up a custom shape for the Custom Photo Upload feature.

As of July 2022, we have released a new update which automatically crop the custom shape for the Uploaded Photo. You can find out about the new feature in the following article. However, you can continue reading the method mentioned in this article as it might help you in a few cases.

Please have a look at the following steps:

1. Upload a Custom Photo layer.

Custom Photo Upload Layer

In case you missed it, please have a look at the following guide.

2. Create the Custom Shape via Photoshop
Go to your Photoshop Application, create a new file with the same exact size as the Artwork you had just created.
For example, in this case, the Artwork size is 4500 x 1500px.

Cut a circle shape at the middle of the Photoshop file. You can actually cut any shape you want at this step. In this guide, I will use the circle shape.

Creating a Background Layer via Photoshop

This layer will later be used as the Background of your Artwork. Which is why you have to set its size to be exactly as the Artwork's size in our Application.

3. Upload the newly created file to the Application.
Uploading the Background Layer

Make sure you drag and drop the Background Layer above the Custom Photo Upload Layer so it has higher priority.

4. Launch the Campaign to your Storefront
If you have followed all the above steps correctly. Your Campaign should look like this:

Once you have received an Order, you can go inside your Order Section to double check:

Final Step before sending your Order to Supplier
As you can see, the Custom Image is now inside the Circle Shape and you do not need to do any additional steps at all.
Once you confirm all the information are correct, simply press Confirm & Send to Fulfill and you are good to go!

Important Note:

Please keep in mind that the steps above can not be applied to every Product.
With Pendant or Amulet Products from ShineOn, you will still have to use the traditional method.

These steps should only be used when you want to create a Product with one large rectangle Printarea, i.e, Canvas, Doormat, etc.

Watch our detailed tutorial video:

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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