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Set up skin color and body showing by conditioning

This article will guide you to setup skin options on store as this example:

Click on a "Skin color" option will change the skin color of the girl on live preview and show options in the corresponding color.

Step 1: Set up "Skin color" option category

(Learn more about Additional option category)

Go to Assets → "Additional Options" page → create a new category called "Skin color".

Add new option → upload thumbnail for options

Example thumbnail: Light: Download - Dark: Download

(optional) If you don't want to use thumbnail, you can set a color for each option to show the options on store as color, not image

Example color hex: Light: #FFD6C1 - Dark: #A45431

Step 2: Set up clipart category for each color

Go to Cliparts page → create a new category for the first skin color, example Light color.
Upload cliparts in Light skin

Create a new category for other skin color and upload cliparts

Step 3: Set up condition in Artwork

After preparing all clipart categories, you can go to Artworks page and create a new artwork.

Step 3.1. Add an additional option for "Skin color" selection

In artwork editor, click on button "+" ➡ select "Additional option" to add a virtual layer.

Let's call it "Skin layer".

Edit "Skin layer" ➡ Choose option category "Skin color"

Then name option title as "Girl Skin":

Remember to choose default value. In this example, we will choose default option as "Light":

Step 3.2. Show personalization options depending on selected skin color

To do this, we need to use the Add condition for layer feature.
Upload a body layer in a color. Example*: Light color body.

Resize and move the body to the correct position

Add a personalization option: "1 Clipart category" for the Light body. And select the "Light body" clipart category (prepared in Step 2).

If you have multiple clipart categories for this Light body, you can select "1 Group of clipart categories".

Add condition for this Light body option:
- Click on Conditional Settings to open more settings
- In Other option, select "Skin layer" option (which is added in step 3.1)
- Select the "Light" option of the Skin color options.

This makes the "Light body" option only show up on store when customer selects the "Light" value of "Skin layer".

Enable the "Show this layer on first load" toggle. To show this "Light color body" layer on artwork from the beginning (when customers have not select any options yet).

You can choose to enable this option in another body layer, like "Dark color body", to show the Dark body from the beginning instead of Light. But if you don't enable on any layer, there will be no body showing up on artwork by default.

(optional) Scroll up to the Clipart category’s default value: feature.
Click on Show option to select default value
Select a clipart that you want to pre-tick when customers select the Light value in Skin option.

Follow the same steps for other color, such as Dark color.
- Upload a "Dark color body" layer.
- Resize and move it to the same position as the "Light color body" layer.

Tips: you can check the resolution number below the clipart to make sure the new Light body layer has the same size as the original.

- Add personalization option

- Add condition to depend on the "Dark" value of Skin layer. And select Default value if necessary.

Only enable "Show option as default" in one layer (light or dark body). If you enable on 2 layers, both Light and Dark body layers will show up on artwork from the beginning.

Save & Done!

Bonus: Remember to double check the position of each options and re-order it in Campaign.

Other cases

There are more than one layer depending on skin color:

You can follow the steps above normally, and Add condition to all those layers to depend on the same Skin layer's option.

For example: a body has 3 parts: neck, hand and pants. You can set the same Condition to all 3 layers to depend on one Skin layer's option.

There are more than one person:

In this case, you'll need to add more than one Skin layers to add different Skin color option.

For example:

You have 2 people → add 2 "Skin color" additional options as 2 "Skin" layers → add "Personalize option: 1 clipart category" and choose the same "Skin color" option category for each Skin layer.

Then add condition of each person to each skin layer.

On store, customers will see 2 "Skin color" options for each person.

Click on an option will show the other options for body of a person.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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