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Required Printarea keys of print providers

*Updated Aug 22, 2022.

Some providers, like Printful, Shirtee, Gelato, require exact key for printarea. So you might need to write correct key as the printarea name to send orders to fulfill.
This article shows which providers require exact printarea keys, and how to find the keys.

We took the keys from the provider's API and list down here for sellers to look up easier. Providers can change the keys anytime without notices, so Teeinblue does NOT take any responsibility for the accuracy of the data. If any key is incorrect, please contact support of the provider to get the new data.

Printarea name (printarea key)

Printarea name is used to identify where this printarea belongs to.
Some providers require the exact key name, like Front/Back, to print on correct position (check this article)

For example, you can enter the Printarea Key here:

Note that the Printarea Key is different from the Display Name. You can set the Display Name to whatever you want for easier working.

For Printful products

If products have only one printarea

Eg. Mug, Canvas, Poster...
Printarea key:
(either would work)

If products have multiple printareas

Eg. Tshirt, All over print,...

Find the list of printareas and printarea keys from the data here: link.

How to find the key: Ctrl+F to search for the product name → all printareas of the product will be listed below the product title → copy the "type" - it's the required printarea key.

For Shirtee products

They only have 4 keys:
front, back, left_sleeve, right_sleeve

For Gelato products

Most of their products are 1-side printing. So you can fill either:


Updated on: 24/01/2024

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