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Setup Shipping method to fulfill

By default, the Fulfillment shipping method field will be blank in orders. It's the name of the shipping method sent to fulfillment - so it must match with the acceptable name of fulfillment provider's shipping method.

How to add fulfillment shipping method to orders?

You can add Fulfillment shipping method to each order in 2 ways:

Edit directly in each order:

Edit in Order details: find the "Fulfillment shipping method" section > click on "Edit" to open a popup to edit.

Edit in Bulk Fulfill: find the "Fulfillment shipping method" column > click on the shipping method name to edit.

Shipping method applies to Order, not order item. Therefore, editing a shipping method of a line item will apply to all other line items of the same order.

Create Shipping method match:

You can enable the feature for teeinblue to start detecting the shipping method of order in Shopify in "Shipping methods" page.

Since the names of shipping method (shipping rate) in Shopify rarely match the shipping method's names a fulfillment provider uses, you can create shipping method matches to tell teeinblue to automatically fill in the correct name of your fulfillment's shipping method in each orders, based on the Shopify shipping rate.

Go to Store Settings > Shipping methods

Select the store you want to enable this "Shipping method match" feature (ignore this step if you only have one store).

Enable the Start matching Shopify shipping methods for this store toggle

Write the exact name of your shipping rates from Shopify settings in Shopify shipping method

Write the exact name of Shopify's shipping rates

Match it with a provider's shipping method by writing the exact name of the provider's shipping method in "Fulfillment shipping method".

Match the exact name of Fulfillment's shipping method

Must write the exact name of shipping method, including uppercase, lowercase, space,...

Click Save.

Then teeinblue will detect the Shopify's shipping method in each order > find the matching Fulfillment shipping method > save the name of the Fulfillment shipping method to order.

If a Shopify shipping method does not match with a Fulfillment shipping method, the order containing that Shopify shipping method will have the Fulfillment shipping method blank.

How to send orders with shipping method to fulfill?

After having the correct Fulfillment shipping method, you can send this shipping method along with orders to fulfill by:

Enable the feature to send shipping method to API-integrated providers:

Go to Fulfillment Providers > click on "Connected" button in your Fulfillment name (make sure you've connected API to your fulfillment).
Find the Send shipping method to fulfill section.
Enable the Send shipping method of orders to fulfill toggle.

Then, if an order has a shipping method name in the "Fulfillment shipping method" field, it'll be sent to fulfill along with the order.

Please keep in mind that if you use the feature Combine Shipping Address, then the Fulfillment Shipping Method of all Orders with the same address must be the same, or you will be charged twice for the shipping fee. See the example below for more details:

Make sure the Fulfillment Shipping Method here must be the same

In the example above, these 2 Orders come from the same Customer. However, the Fulfillment Shipping Method are not the same, so these 2 Orders will be fulfilled separately, and cannot be combined. In this case, the Merchant is charged twice for the shipping fee.

Export orders to CSV:

The Fulfillment shipping method will be exported as a column in CSV of some providers.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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