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Connect Mapbox & Google Maps account

To use the Maps feature in teeinblue, you will need to sign up and pay for a 3rd-party map service.
Currently teeinblue uses:
Mapbox to display maps and create map styles.
Mapbox or Google Maps API to search locations.

Therefore, you need to create a Mapbox account (and Google Places API - optional), and link it to teeinblue.

Connect Mapbox account

Go to and sign up to create a Mapbox account.
After signing up, find and copy the Default public token in your Dashboard


Go to teeinblue > Extras > General settings > Connect Mapbox account > Paste the token to the Mapbox Access token field


Click Save.
Now you can use the Mapbox's map styles & search location in teeinblue.

Create a Google Places API (optional)

This step is necessary if you want to use the search location API of Google instead of Mapbox.

Before switching to Google Places API, here are some pros & cons you should know:
Pros: Google has a richer and more accurate database of places.
Cons: Fee for searching is more expensive.

If you still plan to use Google, here're the steps to do:
Create an account in Google Cloud Platform.
Create a project.
Setup billing account and link it to the project.
Go to Google Maps Platform > Credentials page > enable Places API & Maps Javascript API.
In Credentials page > select "Places API" in the dropdown > click on + Create Credentials button > API key > Copy the generated API key

Create API key in Places API

Go to teeinblue > Extras > General settings > Connect Mapbox account
In Map service for searching location, select Google and paste the API key to the Google places api key field.

Click Save.
Now teeinblue will use the search function of Google instead of Mapbox.

Search location

After finishing, you can start creating Maps personalize options.

If the search by google is not available in your store yet, please check the following possible reasons:
Setup billing account in Google Cloud Platform
Link the billing account to the project
Maps Javascript API is enabled
API key is from Places API
No restriction in API key

Updated on: 23/05/2022

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