1. Can't save Artwork
Reason 1: Forget to set the Artwork name → Solution: Always remember to set the Artwork name

Reason2: Artwork size exceeds 12000x12000px → Solution: Set a lower width x height (should be the same as the printarea size)

Reason3: One layer exceeds 32MB → Solution: Import layer with a lower file size

Reason4: One layer dimension exceeds 12000x12000px → Solution: Set a lower width x height for the wrong layer

You can reduce file size with tools like tinyjpg.com, tinypng.com

2. Artwork looks blurry in app
Reason 1: The limit max width in the Advanced Settings is set below 600px → Solution: Set the limit max width from 600 - 1000px. Learn more about Advanced Settings here.

Reason 2: For some Artworks in vertical align, teeinblue may not detect well enough as the horizontal image. This causes the layer to look blurry.
Step 1: Rotate the image horizontally in your device.
Step 2: Upload the layer to Artwork Editor in teeinblue.
Step 3: Rotate the image vertically in the Artwork Editor.

3. Can't duplicate Artwork
Reason 1: When you leave the Font Family empty → Solution: Choose an appropriate Font Family before saving the original Artwork.

Reason 2: Too many layers and templates in 1 Artwork → Solution: Please wait for 5-10' for the Artwork to load

4. Missing clipart category on the personalize option column
Reason: Due to cache, the app may take more time to detect the new clipart category. → Solution: Hold Ctrl+Shift+R to reload page

5. Icons don't show up to edit Artwork
Reason: The Artwork is locked after publishing campaign → Solution: Click on the "Lock" icon to unlock Artwork
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