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How to uninstall teeinblue completely

When installed, teeinblue adds some snippets or scripts to your published theme. When you uninstall teeinblue, there might still be some left-over codes inside your Theme. This is a very common phenomenon for Shopify apps. The reason is that when you delete an app, it instantly loses access to your Store, so we cannot clean up the codes there.

The following Article will help you completely remove teeinblue from your Store.

Step 1. Uninstall teeinblue in Apps Page.

Go to your Shopify Admin > Apps > find the teeinblue app > click on Delete button on the right.

Deleting the teeinblue app.

A popup will show up. Please write some reasons why you uninstall teeinblue (it's important to us) and then click Delete.

It would be great if you could provide us a reason for uninstalling the app.

Then, teeinblue will be removed in your Apps list and you will no longer be able to access to teeinblue.

All your data are stored in our database system, so you can get them back if you re-install teeinblue.

Step 2. Remove the snippets and scripts from the theme.liquid

You would first need to access your Theme's code.
Please go to your Shopify Admin > Online Store > Theme > Current Theme > Actions > Edit Code

Accessing the Theme's code

Normally, we write our snippets in your theme.liquid file. You can find it via: Layout > theme.liquid file.

Looking up the left-over snippet

Press Ctrl + F to open the search box inside this theme.liquid > type "teeinblue".
There will be some lines containing the word "teeinblue" > delete those lines, for example: {% include 'teeinblue-scripts' %}

Keep looking for the results there, and delete all additional results you see inside theme.liquid file

Deleting additional results

Step 3 (optional). Delete all the additional files in Theme.

Stay still on the "Edit code" page from step above, type "teeinblue" in the search box on the left panel.

Searching for additional teeinblue files

There are some files including "teeinblue": teeinblue-scripts.liquid, teeinblue-product-loader.liquid, teeinblue-custom.css, teeinblue-custom.js
To remove these files, click on each file name > the file will be opened on the right > click on the "Delete" button > confirm Delete.

Delete the additional files

Once you have successfully deleted these results, all of our left-over codes will be gone.

For further assistance, please contact our Support Team via:

Updated on: 07/06/2022

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