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Upsell your product design with Addon Charge (additional charge)

What is Addon Charge

Addon Charge is an element in the personalization form that can help you offer some addon features to your customers to increase order value.
When customers select an option in Addon Charge, it'll add an extra fee to the product price.

How to add

1. Create a Shopify product

We need a Shopify product to add it to cart for extra charges.

This product will be visible to your customers when they add the main Teeinblue product to cart.

Go to your Shopify admin > Products > Create a new product.

In the variants list, create the variants representing the additional charges you offers. For example: variant "1 name" - $5, variant "2 names" - $10, variant "3 names" - $15...

Remember to set Inventory or untick the "Track inventory" for unlimited stocks for these variants.

2. Add option in Artwork

Go to Artwork editor, click on "+" button > Addon Charge

It'll create a new layer with no image (same as "Additional option"), only show up in the personalization form.

Edit that "Addon charge" layer.

Set an "Option title" and the extra charges in "Option values"

Click on "Attach charge" button to connect each option with a Shopify variant. Then when customers select an option, it'll add to cart the attached variant for extra charge.

Select the product you created in step 1 and select the correct variant to charge for this option.

Then click "Attach" to link the variant to this option.

If you have multiple stores, you can attach a product to each store.

Do the same for other options in the Addon charge.

Currency might display incorrect in portal, but should be correct on storefront.

(optional) Set condition to only display some layers if the "Addon charge" matches the correct option.
For example: the 3rd name only appears when "Addon charge" = "+1 name"

Cannot set addon charge for templates. Therefore, you should use Additional option to set conditions for your design.

Then when customers choose an "Addon charge" option and add to cart the main product, the attached "Extra charge" variant will be added along.

3. Other settings

You can turn off the price attached to each option in Store settings > Product page settings > Addon Charges

Some best practices

Using Addon charge, you can upsell with:

Change designs: change clipart, change text color, upload photo...

Add more designs: more names, more people, upload more photos...

Offer additional products: buy a stand, a case, a frame...

Offer additional services: gift wrapping, shipping insurance...

If you're out of free orders and start to have usage charge, the Addon product will be charged a transaction fee same as other Teeinblue items.


If your Addon Charge product is a physical product, and you want to track its inventory, please make sure the variant has to be available for the Customers to make purchase

Or, you can un-check the Track quantity checkbox so the Customers can always purchase it

In order for the Addon Charge Product to work, it has to be active on your Sale Channel.

You can hide your Addon Charge from search, or showing up on your Storefront via this guide.

Updated on: 22/07/2024

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