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What are SDK v1 and SDK v2

What is SDK?

SDK is a term that we use to call the display of the app on storefront, particularly on the product page.
SDK can contain: Gallery, Personalization form, Product title, Price, Add to cart button...

SDK v1 & SDK v2

The main difference between SDK v1 and v2 is the number of elements in each SDK.

SDK v1

SDK v1 contains all the elements on product page, including:
Product Title
Personalization form
Preview button
Add-to-cart button

SDK v1

Therefore, if you are using SDK v1, Teeinblue will replace all theme's elements of a product page.

SDK v2

SDK v2 contains less elements, only including:
Personalization form
Preview button

Others are still elements of your theme, including: Product title, Price, Variants, Add-to-cart button, Description...

What version should you choose?

By default, when you install Teeinblue, you will use SDK v1.

Choose SDK v1 when: you want to use all features of Teeinblue (because all elements on product page are from Teeinblue). For example:
- Show available products with product thumbnail (SDK v2 uses theme's variant so can't show product thumbnail)
- Only show variants of the selected product (if use SDK v2, some themes might show all variants from all available products)

Choose SDK v2 when: you want to keep some theme's or other apps' feature (because except for gallery, personalization form and preview button, other elements are still from your theme or other apps). For example:
- Show Size guide next to variant options
- Click on theme's ATC button will open an upsell/cross-sell popup

Some 3rd-party apps which have a separate Add-to-cart button cannot work with Teeinblue. Click on other apps' ATC button will not create any customization.

If you want to change SDK version, just contact our support.

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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