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Campaign Errors & Resolutions

In case you encountered any issue with publishing or updating campaign, here are 2 places that you can try to check the root cause in the first place:

1. Can't publish campaign

Reason 1: Artwork hasn't been selected → Solution: Select an appropriate artwork
Reason 2: Artwork contains invalid elements → Solution: Go to Artwork Editor > Check the Font Family and Clipart Category to see whether they have been deleted or left empty > Update a new font and clipart
Reason 3: Product's variant is missing → Solution: Go to Product Base > Add at least 1 variant
Reason 4: Too many products and mockup images in one campaign → Solution: Add no more than 4 products in one campaign

2. Can't delete campaign

Reason: The product is still linked in Shopify
Step 1: Click Open Campaign
Step 2: Unlink Product From Shopify
Step 3: Delete Campaign

Learn more about how to archive/delete campaign here

3. Do not show up enough product variants

Reason: Error when syncing data to Shopify
Step 1: Click to edit Product in Campaign
Step 2: Unselect 1 variant
Step 3: Reselect that variant
Step 4: Save variants and close
Step 5: Update campaign

4. No Preview Image

Reason: Missing printarea
Step 1: Go to Mockup Editor in Campaign
Step 2: Add Printarea
Step 3: Update Campaign

5. Duplicate Artwork Layer

Reason: Missing Default Value in Artwork Editor
Step 1: Go to Artwork Editor
Step 2: Click on Advanced Option (in the duplicated layer)
Step 3: De-select the Default Value
Step 4: Re-select Default Value with a particular clipart

6. Some artwork layers don't show up

Reason: The layers are set to appear only when another layer is chosen
Step 1: Go to Artwork Editor
​Step 2: Check if you select this layer as conditional to another layer (this is a feature, not an error)

Learn more about Condition for Layer here

7. Reaching the limitation of Shopify

Reason: Here are limitation of Shopify about the number of variants for every site:
- maximum 100 variants for each campaign
- 1000 variants uploaded in total within 24 hours

remove some variants in product base or wait till the next day to publish/update campaign

8. Issue about the label of Color and Size

Reason: the name of Color and Size of product bases in that campaign are not the same

Set the same name for Color and Size of all product bases in the same campaign

9. Shopify blocks users from publishing/update campaign

Reason: Clicking on button update/publish campaign too many times within a short time

Solution: You may need to wait a few hours to update/publish campaign again since Shopify need a gap among requests to update it properly.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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