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How to sell Vertical Canvas from API integrated Providers

CASE: When you import a Canvas Product, you might notice these Printareas

In this article, we will use a Product from merchOne as an example. You can use the same method with any other Prodivers as well.

Default Printareas from merchOne

You will see that all of these sizes are horizontal. Do not worry, you will still able to set up and sell vertical Canvas with these Printareas. Please continue reading to find out more.

Please keep in mind that, do not change these Printareas in any way at all. You will not be able to send your Orders to your Providers via API if you make any changes to this section. It is important that you keep these Printareas as they are.

STEP 1. Locating Artwork for the Vertical Canvas

Let's say you have a default Printarea with the size of 10 inch x 8 inch - which is a horizontal orientation.
Please go ahead a create an Artwork with the size of 8 inch x 10 inch - which is a vertical orientation.

Creating a Vertical Artwork

Once you are done, you can add it to your Campaign, and use our locate artwork feature.

Locating Artwork

With this method, you can "spin" the Artwork 90 degree, to make it fit with the default horizontal orientation.

You can learn more about this feature in the following article: Locate Artwork

STEP 2. Setting up the Mockup Image

Since you have rotated the Artwork to be 90 degree, when you add the Printarea to the Mockup Image, it will look rotated as well.

Your mockup will still be displayed like this

By using the similar method as step 1, rotate the image 90 degree again.

Setting up the Mockup Image

By doing the step above, your mockup image will look good and you are now ready to sell Canvas in vertical size!

Your Campaign on the Storefront

Once you receive an Order, it will look like this:

The rendered design

Don't worry, the Customers can simply rotate the Canvas around and hang it!

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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